Baldur’s Gate 3 – The Frontline Ranger Build

This is my personal ranger build for my playthrough of BG3 it became a strong Frontline fighter with some interesting stats in the end of the game.

Guide to Frontline Ranger Build

Race And Class

The race i Picked was the Drow For their Darkvision and the Racial Stat boost. also not to make the Now famous “Vault Dweller”. The important SubClass Perks to get as a ranger are the Ranger Knight Perk. however the Terrain Perk can be yours to play around with, i happen to be caught on fire alot!

When you allocate your Abiliy Score make sure to take as much out of the Int as you can. for now Gale can suppliment your lack of sense but there will be a item you can get as soon as level 2 if you know how to play your cards right that will aleviate this low stat. otherwise just put your starting stats like below.

In terms of the Skill checks its more to personal taste as they dont help in the combat.

Equipment an Leveling Up Perks

A ranger Levels up without much to change on it. since most the things are chosen in the beginning. however you want to get the Horde Breaker perk for your Level up option as this is important when tanking and fighting multiple enemies.

Once you hit Level 4 you want to Grab the Two-Weapon Fighting perk. this lets you use Non-Light weapons to Fight Dual Wield style.

The main Pieces of Equipment you want to get your Ranger is the +1 Scale Mail Sold at the Grove because it will give you a AC of 17, then you want to go to the Blighted Village and get the Head Item that will help with the Low Intellect. once you have those you can work on Finding some good weapons, there are many options for Dual Wielding as there are alot of Light and Versatile Weapons. so pick your Favorite. mine currently looks like this however this could be customized and changed as time goes on.

The Rings are The Mages Friend which can be Found in the Underdark and Crushers Ring which can be found in the Goblin Camp. the necklace is the Amulet of Misty Step which is also in the Goblin Camp. for the Weapons they are just +1 versions of the Warhammer and Battleaxe bought from venders. still shopping around for something that feels right. however i do have my eyes on getting a +1 Rapier for each hand to work with my Dex. The boots are the Boots of Speed also found in the Underdark. and to top it all off the Crossbow is a Heavy Crossbow that i am gonna upgrade to +1 when the Oppertunity arises

Once done your overall stats should be like this:

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