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The Henry Stickmin Collection - How to Backup Your Saves

Written by ramxao919   /   Oct 16, 2020    

Guide to Backup Saves

The way to make the backup

  • Go to% appdata%.
  • There are millions of videos that teach you to go to appdata.
  • Go to com.innersloth.henry.HenryFlash.

  • Go to Local Store.
  • There will be 9 .sav files, what you will do with them, copy and paste them wherever you feel comfortable.

Also copy settings.txt, actually everything from the folder. We do not want them to have problems or crashes of the game later because of this small error.

What's next now? Whatever you want, ignore this, you can use it to claim steam achievements again, or play again as a new one, to play and enjoy the game even more, getting the achievements again, and without worrying about your other game, because this It will be saved ... which by the way, if you want to use the backed-up game, it's as simple as copying it to the same folder and that's it. You already know how to back up your game in this wonderful game.

Written by ramxao919.