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Fleshcult - How to Activate Cheats

Written by Hexabyss   /   Oct 25, 2020    

Enable the cheat drop-down with a simple modification of the cheats.html file.

Activate Cheats Guide

Enable Cheat Menu

Exit your FleshCult game, find its install location and open the templates subfolder:

  • (drive)\(etc..)\steamapps\common\Fleshcult\templates

Find and edit the requisite file using a text editor:

  • cheats.html

Locate the following value on line 3:

  • {% if cheats_enabled %}

Change it to the following:

  • {% if True %}

Save and close the file. Run the game.

Cheats should now be enabled via a Cheats hotlink:

The options in the dropdown menu are as follows:

  • Skip Day (progresses time without having to make any choices).
  • Finish Transform (instant transform completion without passage of time).
  • Finish Xform +Mutate (the above with the addition of a forced 'free' mutation event).
  • Add Mana (in increments of 100).
  • All Tomes (enables all tomes and their associated abilities).

Written by Hexabyss.

Game:   Fleshcult