Subnautica: Below Zero – Jukebox Music Disks Location Guide

Guide to Jukebox Music Disks Locations

All credit goes to kindundtraum!

Divide Music – Survive

  • On a table in Alterra Base “Outpost Zero” (old start location).
  • Coords: -114.4, 15.0, 307.0 (oct 2020 build 37024)

Miracle of Sound – Deep Blue

  • On one of Mercury’s parts.
  • Coords: 479.3, -158.2, -652.0 (oct 2020 build 37024)

JT Music – Don’t Hold Your Breath

  • At the starting location of the Ice Continent (I don’t know how this biome is called).
  • Coords: -1022.4, 9.3, -390.2 (oct 2020 build 37024)

NerdOut – Diving In Too Deep

  • At Phi Robotics Station in Zeta’s room
  • Coords: -1157.7, 18.1, -725.5 (oct 2020 build 37024)

TryHardNinja – Deep Dive (feat. Zach Boucher)

  • In Parvan Ivanov’s room (not a typical russian name, you know, but a typical russian surname)
  • Coords: -1600.3, 18.9. -819.0 (oct 2020 build 37024)

First Sun – Die Peacefully

  • In the Purple Vents biome
  • Coords: 232.4, -99.7, -616.1 (oct 2020 build 37024)

Rockit Gaming – Subnautic Stimulus

  • On Mercury II part in Lily Pads biome in the room behind the front window of the ship
  • Coords: 275.2, -242.0, -1329.3 (oct 2020 build 37024)

This disk is located on the biggest wreck after some narrow passages and locked doors, so to reach it without cheats you will need a lot of oxygen and a laser cutter.

JT Music – Take the Dive

  • In the Arctic Spires near the Precursor teleport
  • Coords: -1044.3, 5.7, 56.0 (oct 2020 build 37024)

Getting this disk is a bit tricky.

It can be found in a small bay inside the glacial basin. The enter is in the room with Precursor teleport on the side with the Ice Worm. On the left side behind the teleport you can see a passage that will lead you to an elevator. Call the elevator and it will take you to the low level and there you will find the disk.

This passage can also lead you outside the glacial basin. Jump into the water, swim through a long long cave (about 75 seconds required only to reach the ice wall), use laser cutter on an ice wall and you will find yourself in a cave near the giant Precursor cable end

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