Yakuza: Like a Dragon – Part-Time Hero Cat and Kappa Guide (All Locations)

The hidden cats for collection and kappa statues for photographing throughout Yokohama.

All Cats and Kappa Locations


There was a cat here, it’s gone now.

If the cat is missing in the image, that is because I forgot to take a picture before thinking about making this guide. They are actually there. Yes I’m dumb.

1. Commercial District

Right near Kasuga and Nanba’s first home.

2. Bar District

Little cubbyhole east of ♥♥♥ Bridge (why is that word censored).

3. Commercial District

Hidden behind a car on top of the Can Quest parking garage.

4. Restaurant Row

The dead end alley that’s locked out to you initially.

5. East Jinnai Station

Near the eastern entrance of the huge central building.

6. Chinatown

South of the central crossing in the area with a bunch of restaurants and bun places.

7. Hamakita Park

Sitting under a drinking fountain south of the flower wagon.

8. North Jinnai Station

East of the batting center, western end of the nearest building.

9. West Jinnai Station

Hidden on a dumpster near the two silver safes.

10*. Hamakita Park

This cat is only available once you turn the previous 9-cat quest in to Hiro.

Sitting on a lantern at the east end of the park.


1. Commercial District

Yes, the massively obvious one.

2. Commercial District

Hidden behind glass south of Kasuga and Nanba’s first home.

3. Bar District

Upstairs in Bar Survive.

4. Red Light District

On some stairs ehind the fence in an alley with a silver safe and a guy who gives you investment opportunities.

5. East Jinnai Station

East of the station ticketing entrance is an inaccessible elevator, the statue is inside it, pointed towards the street.

6. North Jinnai Station

Northeastern corner of the map, at the edge of the water.

7. Chinatown

Hidden northerly in a little alcove midway through the street with the chinese medicine store.

8. Hamakita Park

Inside the Hero’s Harvest truck with the salesman.

9. Restaurant Row

Not available until Chapter 6. A little stairway opens up after a certain story event. The way forward points towards the statue.

10. Koreatown

Not available until Chapter 7. The place where the game magnetized you away from, go upstairs and at the end of the railing open up your camera.

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