Divinity: Original Sin 2 – How to Beat Adramahlihk the Doctor without Extinguishing Candles (Act 3, Arx)

A Definitive Guide to Beating Adramahlihk


Don’t want to extinguish all those souls? I sure didn’t, so I went my way and for hours tried to come up with a plan to kill him, made plans and calculations, and came up with this amalgamation of a tactic.

This guide will go trough how to gain 17,000 armor using the bodies in the city, strip The Doctor from his armor, preventing him from turning into demon using a chair, and murdering every nurse in the house, next to him, and he being none the wiser.

What You Need

  • Bone Cage – The Doctor has a load ton of armor, we need bone cage to surpass his armor ammount.
  • Reactive Armor – Reactive Armor is the highest damage ability in this plan.
  • Overpower – Overpover is needed to strip The Doctor from his armor.
  • Teleporter Pyramid – Pyramid is used to teleport a character into desired location, duh.
  • And one burly boy.
  • Having full source points is preferable.

Since we aren’t stripping The Doctor from his magic armor, magic users are kinda useless here, unless they have summons that do physical damage. My group had one mage and 3 physical damage dealers, that was enough damage to kill The Doctor.

Arx has a lot of bodies, so much so we can pile them up and gain around 15,000 armor using Bone Cage.

Start piling those bodies using teleport, it takes time, but I made this stupid plan and it worked damn it!

Done Piling Up Bodies? Checked You Have the Skills and Damage You Need? Great!

To the execution.

The Doctor has “Nurses” around his mansion, we need to take them out before fighting the Doctor.

Leave Lohse out the house, so he doesn’t straight away speak to her, use the weakest character to talk to the Doctor, this makes him so tunnel visioned to you that he doesn’t even notice his Nurses being killed next to him.

Talk to him after he talks to you, so the Nurse next to you isn’t uncluded in the conversation.

Now just kill every Nurse in the house, this should be relatively easy, as they dont have much health, armor nor damage.

Now After the Nurses Are Dead, Now to Deal with the Doctor

Move your character that has Reactive Armor, Bone Cage, Overpower and TP-pyramid next to the piled corpses, let him chill there for a while.

Move the rest of your party to the same room with the Doctor, talk to him using Lohse, take the conversation to the point where next option is to end the chat.

Now pull the chair under him (yeah I know), that will stun him until the fight starts, and stops him from turning into a demon, since he is stunned his first round, this already makes the fight easier, since he will be in his human form and he doesn’t summon any demons, but now to the next part.


Make sure your characters have enough room to not be in the area of Reactive Armor, or have Comeback Kid on every character, that makes everything easier.

Use Bone Cage next to bodies and TP him using pyramid to get him next to Doctor, right after that end the conversation that will begin the fight, now you should have a character with an active Bone Cage in the room (Make sure you have more armor than The Doctor!).

Delay everyones turn that isn’t the character with Bone Cage.

Strip the Doctors armor using Overpower, after that use Reactive Armor to deal the highest amount of damage (care for your party, it will do massive damage to everyone on the effect area).

After The Doctor has no armor, you have to kill him on that turn, use anything that deal physical damage.

Cause if he gets a turn and isn’t knocked down, he will turn into a demon, if he is stunned and gets a turn, gets up he gains 3000 to 4000 armor back, and we dont want that.

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  1. THANK YOU!!! I was super bummed out, thinking I had screwed over my entire playthrough with Lohse by not snuffing out the candles, thinking I’d have to start over from Act 3. This trick worked on the first try. You are a lifesaver, Lohse (and Ifan) and I thank you!

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