Shadow Empire – Second Turn Guide

Take your first steps into the Shadow Empire universe with these guides to your first turns.

First Turns Checklist – Turn 2

Vidscreen Report

After your first turn, check out your Vidscreen reports. You will typically find the Militia Parade and an update on which particular Zeitgeist you’re in.

You can also click the His(tory) button to get an overview of any enemy movements (You can choose to play with AI moves shown if you wish).

Build Some Assets

Build some Assets. To do so, check the bar at the right of your screen.

Click on “Construct” and browse among the possibilities you have.

Remember that an asset could be built outside the city in a hex you control.

If any enemies have got feisty, it might be time to make some new plans!

If you sent out spies last turn, have they returned anything?

Can you see more about any neighbouring regimes? Are they relatively pacifist Farmers or more aggressive Raiders and Slavers?

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