Summerland – First Door Walkthrough Guide

A walkthrough of the first trial.

Guide to Door 1 Walkthrough

Through the Door

Note: This walkthrough only covers the first trial.

When you first step through the door, you’ll begin a conversation with the figure who is standing. Once they finish talking, go ahead and check out the report on the hood of the police car.

After a small bit of exposition, you can begin exploring the map. To continue, head into the small shack and look around. On your right, you’ll find a table with several pill bottles on it. Go up to it, and interact with the bottles. After that, you need to make your way over to the bed, where you will find a note. Interact with the note to continue. The next item to interact with will be the large shelf. On the shelf are supplies, and a first aid kit can be found next to it. Moving on, there will be a circular table. Nearby that is a shotgun. Interact with it to continue.

Exiting the shack, you will find a glowing yellow figure lying on the ground. This is where you’ll begin your investigation, interacting with the body will play a shutter sound, and a crime tag will appear next to the body. Mathew will give some exposition about the pool of blood, interact with it to continue.

After Mathew finishes talking, go ahead and take a look at the knife lying nearby. Clicking on it will place another crime tag on the ground. Before leaving this area, make sure you look for the bullet casing. Once you find it, go ahead and inspect it, leaving a crime tag with it.

Next, you can follow the path of blood, but make sure to stick to the path, or you could miss something. If you follow the path, you can find a handgun, which can be inspected, putting a crime tag next to it. Further down the path, is a rock, with a bit of money. Go ahead and inspect it, and continue down the path.

Continuing, you will find a clearing, and in this clearing, a pill bottle can be found on the ground, lying near the tree. Inspect the pill bottle and follow the path a bit further.

Once you find the cave, inside you will find another yellow figure, this one will be lying in a pool of blood, propped up against the cave wall, inspect the body, then make your way back to the shack.

As you approach, you will hear a heartbeat, and you will be prompted to press E to take your pills, I haven’t found any different outcome if you don’t take the pills.

Once you arrive, go ahead and interact with the blue figure, and listen to the exposition. Once you finish, you can enter the car, and it will bring you to the room with the judge.

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