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Morbid: The Seven Acolytes - How to Obtain All Achievements

Written by SHiSH   /   Dec 4, 2020    

A guide to getting all the achievements in the game in chronological order.

Complete Achievements Guide



All achievements in the game can be obtained in one playthrough. After passing, you can load the last checkpoint and finish what you missed.


These achievements are story-driven, you won’t miss them.

All Bosses

The Blessed One

There are 15 “Blessings” in total in the game. There is no map in the game.

Coast of Solya (Caverns of Solitude)

Old Mornia (Vilage)

Lost Lands (Grimwald’s Grove)

Old Mornia (Gardens of Mornia)

Capital City

Lost Lands (Felfields)

Master Striver

Just upgrade any “Blessing” to the maximum level.

This Seems… Familiar

It is located in the location “Lost Lands (Grimwald’s Grove)”. Screenshot to help.

Strive for perfection

Watch the video. Time: 1:10 & 11:45

Rise anew!

You will most likely get this achievement towards the end of the game.

Written by SHiSH.