Lost Technology – Neutral Officers Guide

This guide will be on the neutral officers and to show who is the best at the conquering by yourself. I hope this will ease some of the pains and the ingesting of words and bad sentencing to to build it all up with mispellings. So lets get started.

Important Notes to Take Class

Officers of Neutrality

How to recruit your heroes: Well for starters read this and you will be fine, from the affinity, race, person and faction is what relates of how the person can recruit that hero. From the Kingdom of Makan no human wants to joing your ranks because you are the only one you can hire that isn’t lizard is Silk, a fairy. With people you can see you can hire from the Recruit button you can see the list of people that are don’t seem selective.

Okay so go to the right box than the left box of the hiring people, go down the box on the right going through the blanked out heroes to see who is familiar with who. It makes it a easier experience for everyone now I don’t want to film a potato of doing this because it would be annoying. NOW After you recruit your heroes they can get stronger and be within a group somehow, and its your job to make them have experience and destroy your enemies with ease.

Note: Playing by yourself will become boring. As for FIND is more on the factions work or for you and your faction if you can destroy others because there are hidden bases in the damn game. Try on easy mode but you will still get your ♥♥♥ handed to you from improper strategy. As well finally if you want to fight for a faction place yourself in a place that requires you.

Note: Like for real, if the crappy leader of a faction puts you in a dead area with nothing to fight against leave his or her ♥♥♥ and fight for a different faction. Also, if you do become a Vassal forget having generic soldiers hire Heroes instead they don’t die off and they can fight for you for every mission you go towards.

Now that is out of the way lets start with the first character I played in a format. Also I will not explain their skills if they get them when they level up, you know its harder than it looks when you level up a few characters to find nothing at times then you realize that their strength can go ten fold with a special skill. Find out who has the most strongest skill!

  • LTR: Later or Later On
  • SSD: Sword, Shield, Dash
  • ATK: Attack
  • DEF: Defense
  • SPD: Speed
  • MAG: Magic
  • RES: Resistance
  • SKI: Skill

Free Officer Characters You Need to Understand

Tokinoshin – Human – Laborer – 1530 HP

Living in the Port City of Panchea, the mercenary works for the crooked lord of the town Jyozaemon. The place is packed filled with archers and very few warriors because their main point of strength is Seibe who uses cannons. Thats right folks cannons and you know how women love the big guns. Point being Tokinoshin can stay in Panchea if you choose to do so or you can find yourself wandering and wondering who will hire. Alcatraz, usually does don’t know why though.

Start Out Skill: Poison Blade, Poison Ball, First Aid

Skill LTR: ???

Careful even as a level 8 he can still eat the dust thats been givin’ to him by the ♥♥♥s of Lion Kingdom. His warriors are laborers, not really top of the line but they can buy time as Tokinoshin can lead in a assualt. Can he take punishment? No.

Jyozaemon – Human – “Laborer” – 1020 HP

Who can help you? Not Jyozaemon isn’t the guy who you want in a bar brawl to back you up, as with Tokinoshin he resides in Port City of Panchea. He is squishy like anyone else in the city of Panchea. Armed with running like a ♥♥♥♥♥, persuasive talk and sword he will fight against the annoyances of Lion invading the city.


Skill LTR: Sword, Shield, Dash, Grand Gathering

Grand Gathering summons a few more soldiers to the field bolstering and protecting Jyozaemon. Mages, Archers and Swordsmen are ready to fight for the lies promised by him. The summoning words from him is REEEEE?!?! REEEEE!!!!! which can be heard in the battlefield when you fight with or against him.

To be honest Jyozaemon may be a scum off the earth next to the Prime Minister and the Pope in Reinald but his skill Grand Gathering makes up for him to be a formidable foe. So be wary of his power!

Seibe – Human – Apprentice Musketeer – 680 HP

Seibe a man of fine arts espcially when it comes to Lion Kingdom’s kin, he wants the pelts of the many therianthropes and put them across the wall, into his blankets, pillows and clothing he wears. Okay maybe he isn’t that ♥♥♥♥ed up but still.

He resides in the Port City of Panchea and as I said before he uses cannons. That is his speciality and only skill next to shooting a musket, he really isn’t much of a threat until he can aim those cannons at your face. NOW the question is do the cannons reload? Sorta. You have to be in distance for them to do their thing.

Start Out Skill: Ready Cannons, Musket

Buffs: Summon Up, ATK Up, Wheeled

Skill: I have cannons that is all you need to know.

Jimmy – Human – Enlistee – 800 HP

Jimmy is that one background character that no one gives a ♥♥♥♥ about, now if you can play him and do conquer the nations with his amazing prowess everyone will fear King Jimmy. He is known as the ghost of the world. No one gives a damn who he is or what he has been doing in the world, if he ate your food you would blame your friend even when Jimmy is near you with crumbs on his face.

His skill? Just a Sword and Dash, if you level him up probably some profit of him and giving everyone a reason why he is a ghost. He leaves the battles red stained of his enem….nah.

Start Out: Sword and Dash

Skills: Sword, Dash, Shield

Buffs: ATK Up, HP Up, DEF Up, Speed, Leader Skill, Movement Up, Leader Skill 2+

Adelina – Human – Enlistee – 800 HP

A swordswoman in search of a new hand to let her sink the sword into the flesh of the enemies that are within her sights. With a shield and sword there really isn’t much as she had lost her home, as the only thing she has on her back is her own clothing and armor. Fighting for evil or good as long there is a commander for her.

Start Out – Sword and Dash

SKILL LTR- Sword and dash, shield

Buffs: ATK Up IV, Fear Resist, Confusion Resist, Fire Resist and Dark Resist

This firecracker will cleave your way into victory with her dangerous attacks.

Russel – Human – Enlistee – 700 HP

A swordsman/spearman who fights with a sword and spear but mostly the spear as its more dear to him as perhaps he had promised a long time ago to make the world a better place. Using a dead man’s spear he would go on with the world and see what he can do with his new found bravery.

Start Out: Sword, Spear, Dash

Skill: ??? Just SSD? I thought there was more to it.

Signe – Human – Enlistee – 800 HP

A somewhat lazy warrior and the woman who appears on the loading screen, cool right? Anyway she is more different I guess since she has a loading screen made after her, a funny way to put up the journey while the previous three are just sword, spear and run. Now what makes her different you ask? Well let me tell you.

Starts out: Sword and Dash

Skills LTR:

  • LV ??? – Shield
  • LV 20 – First Aid II
  • LV 40 – First Aid III
  • Buff Skills: RES III, Poison Resistance, Paralysis Resistance

For someone who doesn’t want much reputation she has more talent than a few wanderers I know. As this tomboy goes through the land with wonderment when she can get a decent meal this warrior would be a good asset for any faction. Enjoy her in the neutral campaign of walking around.

Louis – Human – Bowman – 600 HP

Louis is a man who wants someone to work for and defend as he would laugh at the question of 2 + 2 as he thinks of it as trivial, of course this guy can shoot an arrow through your chest in a few seconds.

Start Out Skill: Bow, Longbow, First Aid

Skill LTR: Gets to +3 eventually – Bow, Longbow, First Aid

Buffs: ATK Up, HP Up, DEF Up, Resist Confusion Up, Resist Fear Up

Svetla – Human – Bowman – 1000 HP

The one eyed beauty, with a wild attitude to boot and the THICC. Svetla is a efficient wanderer that can pierce any foe with the arrow she carries but when she gets stronger perhaps she can overpower an Elf’s archery. Who will be her target?

Start Out: Bow, Long Bow

Skill LTR: Gets to +3

Buffs: HP Up IV, ATK Up III, DEF Up II

Elsa – Human – Snow Mage – 480 HP

Do you want to build a s…anyway Elsa is a ice mage that can damage enemies with her “snow” magic that gives the opponents run for the hills if she is leveled up enough. With ideas of becoming a grand mage of snow magic she will get hired by whoever can help her out with her dream. Everyone but the Makan as always can hire this blizzard wizard.

Start Out: Ice Magic E – Snow Crystal, Ice Magic C – Icicle Missle II / Cold Bomb, Summon Snow Spirit II

Skills Later:

  • LV 10 – Ice Magic C – Icicle Missle III / Cold Bomb II, Frost Barrier, Summon Snow Spirit III
  • LV 20 – Cold Bomb III, Blizzard, Summon Snow Spirit IV
  • LV 30 – Summon Snow Spirit V, DIAMOND DUSTO
  • LV 40 – Ice Age

Buffs: MP Up II, MAG Up II, RES II, MP Rec Up II, Summon Up, Resist Silence Up, Resist Petrification Up, Resist HP Absorb Up, Resist MP Absorb Up, Leadership Skill 3+

Tereza – Human – Snow Mage – 500 HP

A woman who has her eyes covered by her bangs, no doubt she will be cute as ♥♥♥♥ if you see them killing you with her cuteness magic. She wanders along the non humans as she has a better relation with them than the humans that treat her like trash. Unfortunately she fears of trying to have relations with Elves and the Lizardmen. Lastly she is mainly a support, not really special unless she has a group of snow mages to back her up.

Start Out Skill: First Aid, Ice Magic E – Snow Crystal

Skill: LV 20 – First Aid II, LV 40 – First Aid III

Buffs: HP Up III, MP Up II

Celeste – Human – Wind Mage – 300 HP

Studied under Ricard before becoming Heimo’s apprentice, she can use lightning and wind to her best of abilities and bring variation to the field of battle.

Skill Start Out: Electric Magic D – Electric Touch II, Lightning Bolt / Wind Magic D – Wind II, Wind Cutter

Skills LTR:

  • LV 10 – Wind III, Wind Cutter II, Wind Shield, Electric Touch III, Lighting Bolt II, Thunder
  • LV 20 – Wind Cutter III, Wind Shield II, Air Compressor, Lightning Bolt III, Thunder II, Linear Motion
  • LV 30 – Thunder III, Discharge, Wind Shield III, Wind Lance 

Buffs: SPD Up IV, Movement Up V, Resist Bolt Up, Resist Pressure Up, Hover

Heimo – Human – Wind Mage – 500 HP

A fearsome rare wind mage who had learned his arts from the Elves who now study under him as he had made them his ♥♥♥♥♥. The Brock of Lost Technology the man never open his eyes, overall with strength to back up with wind magic this is someone you do not want to have on your bad side. He is currently teaching Celeste on wind magic.

Skills Start Out: Wind Magic D – Wind II, Wind Cutter / Summon Wind Spirit

Skill LTR:

  • LV 10 – Wind III, Wind Cutter II, Wind Shield, Summon Wind Spirit II
  • LV 20 – Wind Cutter III, Air Compressor, Wind Shield II, Summon Wind Spirit III
  • LV 30 – Wind Shield III, Wind Lance, Summon Wind Spirit IV

Buffs: MP Up III, MAG Up III, RES III, MP Rec Up III, Leadership Skill 5+

Ricard – Human – Electric Mage – 600 HP

A lightning wizard who had studied under Dustin the Slug who is a master of the art of lightning magic itself, Ricard now travels far and wide to use his skills wherever needed. He taught Celeste lightning magic on his spare time. The old man may look like he is close to death but he is a spring chicken so watch out.

Skills: Electric Magic D – Electric Touch II, Lightning Bolt

Skills LTR:

  • LV 10 – Electric Touch III, Lighting Bolt II, Thunder
  • LV 20 – Lightning Bolt III, Thunder II, Linear Motion
  • LV 30 – Thunder III, Discharge

Buffs: HP Up III, ATK IV, DEF IV, SPD II, SKI Up II, Movement Up III, Resist Bolt Up, Leadership Skill 2+

Lucie – Human – Cleric – 700 HP

A bald woman monk who travels the lands with Celeste, a good friend of hers. Lucie’s skills consist of the Twin Sword Style which is similar to the Fencer Rabbit Aris, her skills get stronger with each passing day. With companions around she can keep up the good fight.

Skills Start Out: Twin Sword Style, Light Magic E – Heal, Leader Skill – Center

Skills LTR:

  • LV 10 – Twin Sword Style II
  • LV 20 – Center II
  • LV 30 – Twin Sword Style III
  • LV 40 – Center III

Buffs: HP Up III, ATK Up II, SPD Up, Skill Up, Resists: Blind, Confusion, Silence, Fear, Curse, Death, Dark, Ghost (Up), Leadership Skill 5+

Theresa – Human – Light Mage – 250 HP

Mother Theresa, heal the sick and injured. A healer by trade and helps the weak and poor, there isn’t much to talk about Theresa as she just simply heals. Her skills pretty much says it all.

Skills: Light Magic E – Heal

Skills LTR: ???

Buffs: MP Rec Up III, Resist Confusion Up, Resist Silence Up, Resist Petrification Up, Resist Fear Up, Resist Ghost Up, REsist Dark Up, Resist Pressure Up, Resist Wave Up

Albert – Human – Page

A king of many through his charm and looks, he has his own fan club that will literally fight for him. The elegant page will continue on and spread whatever goes his way. Unknowingly to people though he is corrupt like Gereon and Horaz, his laugh says it all as he laughs cynically when he is in battle.

Skills: Mounted Thrust, Spear

Skills LTR: ????, Possible Spear will become 3+ later on when he levels up

Buffs: MP Up II, ATK III, MAG Up, RES, Skill Up, Movement Up II, Resist Poison Up, Resist Paralysis Up, Resist Fire Up, Resist Toxin

Metatron – Angel – Archangel

A scribe of the holy order. Okay this dude isn’t real I just wanted to see if you are just skimming through this and be like oh♥♥♥♥♥♥this is real?

Start Out Skill: Memes

Skills LTR: Memes

Buffs: Through the seams

Cedric – Human – Dragon Tamer – 1530 HP

A tamer by heart but cannot be a woman lover as he has fears of not getting laid when he goes back to the land of Dragon Knights. He continues on the world with himself and Safat as the mistrust with everyone erodes his mind. Experiences, ain’t that a ♥♥♥♥♥?

Skills STart Out: Laser Breath, Gliding, Dagger, Makibishi

Skills LTR:

  • LV 10 – Laser Breath becomes 3+
  • LV 20 – Dagger II
  • LV 40 – Dagger III

Buffs: SPD Up III, Ski Up III, Movement Up II, Resist Poison Up, Resist Paralysis Up, Resist Blind Up, Resist Fire Up

Clifford – Human – Dragon Tamer

A man who doesn’t give a damn what ever happens to the dragons, born from the Knights of Fevnir. The ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ continues on through life as a mercenary, he used to work with Lars from the Musket Kingdom. He is a efficient warrior when it comes to combat, if you have a team of heroes make sure to have this guy on your side.

Skill Start Out: Laser Breath, Gliding, Porcelain Bomb, First Aid

Skills LTR:

  • LV 05 – Laser Breath +3 
  • LV 10 – Porcelain Bomb II
  • LV 20 – First Aid II
  • LV 30 – Porcelain Bomb III
  • LV 40 – First Aid III

Buffs: HP Up III, ATK Up III, DEF Up III, SPD Up III, SKI Up III, Movement Up III, RES II, Resist Fear Up, Resist Light Up, Resist Dark Up

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