Lost Technology – Kingdom of Gug – Froggers Bad Wart Day (Easy to Hard Mode)

The Frog Kingdom’s conquering guide.

Divide and Conquer

Alright you start from the beginning on Tharsis on the Shore, what you want to do is divide up from Charlotte the Princess and Laurence, seperate of three’s. Laurence with Glazovsky & Aleotti, Charlotte with Gianni and finally Heifetzas with Gilels, as it is important to grab all the land around Pavonis castle (Save that one for last). Next afterwards you have two to three choices deal with Dragon Knights/Alcatraz, Reinald or Alfheim.

Now the problem that lays here is that Makan Kingdom will spread to the south and eventually destroy the Elves its a no brainer as they usually win with their scales and mostly of Hissa and his generals. Now once you have conquer wait a few turns to see what turns out but you can grab Ausonia Ruins if you want of course you may or may not get Alfheim’s attention. Alfheim, Alcatraz and Dragon Knights literally don’t like your cuteness like Claudette does. It is suggestive to grab towards Alfheim and fight against the elves but of course you are at a disadvantage but that is where Reinald comes into play.

Reinald is going to be your best friend for the next 15 turns, befriend them but be wary as it is known in the world if you conquer more and more lands less and less people are more likely to be your ally. You will be a foe, a target for them to decimate and take your kingdom down. Now if no one is familiar with a pincer attack its basically a sandwich two bread and whatever is in the middle. Now with a repetition of each one of your faction targets you need a way to draw in the enemy leader.

Go in the the way of the war and block off their escape, if there is a ZERO controlled area just send one squad line to conquer it block their escape then decimate them. Now the question comes to mind when your reading this, how the hell am I gonna beat these guys?!?!?! Well its simple, with the power of sound.

The Orchesta of Requiem

Now what is really important is to know of your crew, because well if you have more heroes than soldiers you don’t know what the hell you are looking at from time to time from hours on in playing. This is really simple, get the heroes that count because if you don’t you will regret it as these free officers and other faction heroes do have frog sound resistance. So be wary.

SONIC MAGES AND ENLISTEE’S ARE YOUR BREAD N’ BUTTER! That is something to remember as with that said your soldiers in the Kingdom of Gug are really squishy to be honest, with any blade that comes your way you will get cut down. So always stay away from the opposition if you can, there are times where you will be pin cushioned by arrows but don’t fret your soldiers will get stronger. This belongs to your first line of defense Enlistee’s they protect the mages from harm but of course who’s to say they can be decimated too. NOTE: Always summon your Sound Summons as a back up and knock back if you don’t you are either ballsy or plain ignorant as a horde of calvary charges down that field with lances.

Its important to know that Commanders that are the level 30 of an Enlistee can hold their own against an attack for awhile until overwhelmed, if you use the Commander and below ranks Ultrasonic wave it does its job. While the Acoustic Sage and below rank (Sonic Mage) use Melody to devastate their enemies when they get close eliminated most of the threat that are presented before them if they have an enlistee group or two to halt their advances.

Weak to fire, they can be damaged by water badly as well knowing that the Makan people are known for it of course they do get decimated by sound magic after awhile, now the real problem isn’t the Dragon Knight, Alcatraz, Makan or Alfheim. Real threats lay into the far west, Lion Kingdom and their push back earth magic of melt mud. Now that can devastate your forces to a halt. This is why you need heroes, the one I recommend highly is Sauros the Water Mage, if you can level him up to level 30 then they are the thing of the past. Finish them off and make the world new as many things can be destroyed quickly.

You don’t even need to worry about Crime (Sin) as they don’t do a damn thing as they stay weaker but not worth while to take over as you need soldiers to keep focus on the real fight. Now after all of this content and reading it should help as the King does give bonuses to his own troops, health boosts and such. A strong king is as good as a army. Of course if you obtain a set of heroes then its as the saying of Bronn goes, “Give me ten good men and I’ll impregnate the ♥♥♥” of course as it goes on let the other factions duke it out because they do run out of soldiers to place and the AI becomes dumber after that.

Places of Note to Conquer

Now Sea of Acidalia is a good place than any to protect the front against the north, of course if the other factions destroy Reinald Empire it is recommended to take their cities and capital before moving north and westward. If the Makan hasn’t been taken down it is wise to destroy them while you can, if you don’t you will regret it because you will become frog legs within a few turns. Think of where of fighting, important of all don’t not even bother to conquer the desert as you will be at a major disadvantage. The only way you can win from that is a horde of Frog Noise.

Next location would be Electris, Frost Volcano Ascraeus and Checkpoint Meridiani. It is wise to get these points if you are planning northward conquering of course do not leave your south unguarded. Leave strong soldiers by the Ausonia Ruins as it is a great place to fight back and trick Hissa to leave his soldiers to the middle as he will front the attack. Of course in any idea point the Cerebus Hills (North and South) are actually worth it if you are planning an assualt to the west through the slow desert. If you can grab Cotton go for it, as she is good at heals.

Last of My Money

Money, Money, Money:

Around the 30th turn save your dosh and use it wisely, if on heroes buy the ones that are high in level and not low of course Sauros is a main priority. I forgot how to recruit him, anyway have fun with spending that dosh on something good. Enlistee’s are good to buy of course if you have say…50k I recommend buying 30 of Soldiers it helps boost the strength unless you want to go and risk through a cheap route the Enlistee’s and Sonic Mages are the way to go.


A reminder to all the folks playing the game and finished it, do not forget to find all the hidden dungeons and places within the map so always push FIND where your King or Queen is at. Another one is do not go on FAST mode in battle until you are sure of letting your horde of toadies to fight them off. Now if you want me to go in Lunatic Mode well you are literally on your own, finished it once and never doing it again.

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