Creeper World 4 – Achievements Guide

Achievement guide for Creeper World 4.

Story Mission Achievements

Fairly straightforward, there are 20 Mission Achievements for completing the main “Farsite Expedition” tree.

Objective Achievements

There are 6 Objective achievments, 5 possible in Farsite Expedition and 1 in Span Experiments.

Done in Farsite Expedition story mode:

  • Lore, complete all story missions. Done via finishing Farsite Expedition tree.
  • Reclaim, take over a certain amount of land, shown as a percent.
  • Collective, gather the required item on the map.
  • Nullification, successfully suppress all of the enemies on the map.
  • Totem, active all of the totems on the map at the same time.

Done in Span Experiments:

  • Hold, keep an asset alive for the required time.

For an easy map do this on Shaka, expand right quickly and there should be sufficient power to hold off all fronts.

Easter Egg Achievements

Achievements for secret objectives.

Parallel Universe

Activate easter egg in 1st story mission.

Achievement image gives a big clue…

Play the first mission, the one where the alarm wakes you up, destory the HQ in the creeper.

Mildly tough fight when you do so, F5 quicksave recommended.

21 Gun Salute

Activate easter egg in ‘Before Time’

Achievement image gives a big clue…

Go to the Span experiments, find before time and build 21 snipers. Mission finish not required.

Farsite Farside

Achievement image gives a big clue…

On second story mission, connect the temple in the top right to the energy source in the bottom right.

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  1. Note that for “21 gun salute” you don’t even need to build the snipers, you just need to place them, so you can get it without even unpausing.

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