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Haven - 100% Achievements Guide

Written by PALEORIGIN   /   Updated: Dec 8, 2020    

This guide explains how to get every achievement.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Balding bloot!

  • Just follow the story it's in the beginning, impossible to miss


  • Like the achievement say, when you glide without turning, the couple will do an animation where they hold their hands. Stay like that for a couple of seconds.

Life's short, ride long

  • At a moment you will unlock the back flip naturally, just jump from a high place and that should do it.

Hug therapy

  • Simple, if you don't move and wait a little, Yu and Kay will do a hug animation. The character with the least HP will heal himself until reaching his partner's HP

Over my dead body

  • Just continue block with the same character in a fight, at a moment the beautiful blue shield will weakened. The visual will also change the shield will be smaller and purple.

Shake the rust off their feet

  • Knock out five creatures, for that use the capsules in combat to knock them out at the same time and then pacify them.

In my shoes

  • For that, you need to interact with the best pet who is Oink. At one point there will be a scene. In this scene kay and Yu are going to remove the hygrocybes rubescens from Oink and take it to the nest. Now you just need to eat in the nest and at a moment there will be a scene with Yu and Kay eating the hygrocybes rubescens that you collected earlier.

My little pony

  • You will meet him the first time on the island where there is the nest. After that he run away. If you explore you will find him corrupted by the rust. So just fight and pacify that poor Heliga. After that, he will thank you by healing you.

A love supreme

  • Simple there is a relation gauge between Yu and Kay, There are some levels, when you complete a gauge an event will happen, be sure to do it for unlocking the next gauge.
  • To complete the gauge just play: fight, eat, interract, sleep...


  • For that, use a capsule in combat, that will hit every enemy. Of course use the one that is efficient against them.

Head in the clouds

  • For that just don't move, there will be a animation where Yu and Kay just sit on the ground. A bird will come on one of their head at this moment but not always.
  • Note: I don't know if it's random and if you can do that everywhere.

Ain't no mountain high enough

  • It's on the island called Benadon, just explore there is a flow line that help you to get on the mountain.


  • For that one you need to find the secret zone that you can find by jumping off a ledge on the island called Chogek. That secret zone is a private beach, there is an interraction in that zone that will give you that shell.
  • After coming back in the nest and if you interract (by eating i think) Kay will transform that shell into a guitar and offer it to Yu.
  • Now you need to go to a camp (not the nest) and eat, after that there is a scene with Yu playing with her new instrument.

Perfect timing

  • Well like it says... just do a combined attack max charged with Yu and Kay.

Like new!

  • Find all parts for the nest and repare it. Just explore and you find all of them.

Don't look back

  • In the ending through a dialogue you have the choice to sever or not the flow bridge. For that trophy chose to sever it.

Flower powered

  • After the ending where you sever the flow bridge, there is a epilogue with Kay and Yu at the nest, here you will unlock flower power on your boots, flower everywhere!

Back to rust

  • The Lorudo is a little boss born from rust, i found him on the island called Wakiri.


  • Well like the achievement say. Finish the story in 3 KO or less.
  • A KO is when both character lose all their HP in a fight.


  • Fill the vegetable patch, for that you need to find every seeds for every 6 ingredients (3 seeds per ingredients). Finding seeds is easy, just collect ingredients while exploring.

An eye for an eye

  • When you unlock the action where you can throw your partner. Just throw and miss on purpose, he will fall on the ground and it switch automatically on the other character. Now do it a second time with the second character and it's done.

Last minute

  • When a character is KO you can choose the action to assist him, just do that fully loaded.


  • It's one of the differents scenes that happen after you eat in the nest. So be patient and continue playing the game at the same time.

Spring cleaning

  • Well nothing to say more, clean up the rust on every fragment.
  • But care, on the islands Wakitai, Wakiri and maybe Wakime the rust is coming back. So just clean one time and don't come back. Like that you can have a complete map without any rust!

Mooning the moon

  • Easy, go on the secret zone (On the island called Chogeko) that is the beach at night. Of course in the night you can't sunbathe, but you can still interract. Just do it and you will see what happen.

Can't get wetter

  • On the island called Nekarow, there is waterfalls, you can interract with them, do it twice and something will happen.

Pearls before Birble

  • Attract Birble by using a creamberry fondue, something will happen.

À la carte

  • Taste every dish! But care! The ones in the nest and the ones from the camps are not the same. So check everywhere. Dishes that you didn't try have " ??? " on their stats.

Second thoughts

  • In the ending through a dialogue, you can choose to serve or not the flow bridge. For this achievement, don't serve the flow bridge.

Thar she blows

  • You need to beat the Beruberu.
  • I don't know if you can do that from the beginning (i don't think) but to make him spawn you need to just wait a long time without coming back to the nest. I personally just didn't move for a moment, waiting.
  • When he spawn you can't go back to the nest or at a camp to eat. You need to fight with your hungry characters.
  • Just use a lot of tonic capsules in combat and that sould do it.
  • It's the hardest fight in the game so be full upgraded if possible.

Written by PALEORIGIN.

Game:   Haven