Haven – Strategy Guide (for Optional Bosses)

Strategy for Optional Bosses


Before attacking a boss, make sure to have some balms crafted. It is preferable to have some omni-impact and omni-blast capsules too, and to be max level.

Remember to block at any time, and you should be fine.


  • Achievement: Thar she blows

First phase easy peazy just deal damage using duo blast then duo impact.

Second phase it’ll have either a red or green aura. The red is weak to only DUO blast while the green is weak to only DUO impact

And finally the third phase is when it starts charging up its laser attack. Plenty of time to prep your shields and wait for it to attack. Not worth trying to squeeze in one more hit, trust me. I believe it attacks in two successions so wait for that second attack. After the second laser it should be stunned and you’re good to continue the combo.

Now for actually getting some damage on this unit you’re going to want to hit it with a blast or impact capsule while it’s stunned. Charging up duo attacks takes too long in comparison to having one/both of you using a capsule attack. Good luck and remember to block!


  • Achievement: Back to rust

In this fight I ignored the two little mobs, beacause the boss will respawn them, so I just shielded their attacks.

Shield all attacks alternatively with Yu and Kay.

The other one will throw three blast (distant) attacks in order to make it’s eye glow red, then deliver a duo impact attack to deal huge damages, and repeat.


  • Achievement: My little pony

Kill the two other mobs, more importantly the left one, which is a healer.

The boss fight itself is a classic fight, without difficulty.

He will kindly heal you after the fight.

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