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Diggles: The Myth of Fenris - Console Commands and Item List

Written by C0rn3j   /   Dec 19, 2020    

List of useful console commands and item list.

Guide to Console Commands

Enabling Console

Right click on the game -> Properties -> Set Launch Options and add the following to it

  • console

Console should now open when you press Scroll Lock in the game.

In my case, the Console seems bugged requiring me to hold down Scroll Lock again and typing, otherwise it instantly closes.

Interesting Registry Keys

On Windows, press WIN+R and execute regedit to edit these.

If you're using Proton on Linux in the default path, you can launch regedit like so:

  • WINEPREFIX=~/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/1478650/pfx wine regedit

All keys are of the REG_SZ type.


  • qnew [item] - Create an item at cursor position
  • del [ID] - Delete an object whose ID is [ID]
  • get_objclass [ID] - Get Objectclass(what I call Item Code below) for an existing item of ID
  • set fow_being [value] - Set fog of war at the current position to [value], for example 100
  • hmap - Save the current level as RAW(?)
  • cls - Clear console
  • locale - For example 'locale cz' - change the game locale. This can be useful if you're trying to use a custom translation, as the game usually ships only with one locale(and parts of others, but not full like audio and docs). Returns current locale if executed without a paremeter.

Item List

One way to get an item code is to order the creation of the item in its respective building then check console, as game logs this, and you should see the item name at the end of the console output.

Another would be running get_objclass against IDs in the console as most game events like attacking or picking things up print the ID of the item being manipulated.

Third would be checking the /classlist of the debug webserver as it lists all items.


  • Stein - Stone
  • Gold - Gold
  • Kristall - Crystal
  • Kohle - Coal
  • Pilzstamm - Mushroom leg
  • Pilzhut - Mushroom top


  • Drache - Dragon
  • Drachenbaby - Baby dragon
  • Fenris - Fenris
  • Wuker - Wuker
  • Schwefelwuker - Sulphur Wuker
  • Troll - Troll
  • Odin - Odin
  • Zwerg - New dwarf
  • Baby - New baby dwarf


Written by C0rn3j.