Diggles: The Myth of Fenris – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for Game


  • Main direction down.
  • You come across existing side paths and caves that should be explored.
  • If you want space for new caves, for a settlement, you can use a little trick: Always mark and dig only 2 fields, this prevents the level generator from generating anything in the way. But don’t overdo it, otherwise you might not have any more space for the nice side quests and quests
  • I always dig with a couple, as a precaution they have a weapon, a shield, healing drink, food (if available) in their inventory.

Working Time

  • Giving couples the same work and leisure time.
  • 6 wiggle hours of work and 6 wiggle hours of free time.
  • 1st pair of 6-12 work, 2nd pair of 12-6, 3rd pair of 3-9, 4th pair of 9-3 etc.
  • Combine pairs with Ctrl + Number to form a group.
  • Let couples work together (e.g. one couple to dig and one to cook on another shift as well).
  • Due to this division you only need 1 tent at the beginning, max. 2 (in one sleep 2 wiggles and they do other things in their free time besides sleeping all the time).


  • For division of working time / free time, see working time.
  • Give more free time if necessary.
  • Make sure that they are together in their free time, so if necessary send them to the bar together.


  • Production not to infinity, but only a maximum of 8.
  • Distribute to different production sites (3 are actually enough for me, have a kitchen and two fireplaces).
  • Do not produce different things at the same time.
  • Wiggles love variety, so always offer something different.
  • Build 2 farms (mushroom farm, hamster farm) very close to the fireplace or kitchen (no shaft in between).
  • Kitchen needs energy.
  • Do not stop production (red cross).
  • Wiggles only feed themselves if they still have a free space in their inventory.


  • Not too much at once (depending on the number of wiggles you should have a maximum of 2-3 productions or researches at the same time and dig a shaft or passage in addition to the food, which is practically always set but not infinitely (see food).
  • As little allocation as possible (I play almost completely without).
  • Build the delivery building and production building close to one another, if possible without a shaft in between and on one level (bar needs beer brewery needs mushroom farm —> bar – brewery – mushroom farm).
  • Note that some production facilities require energy.
  • See also Techtree.

Buildings and Settlement

  • Build and produce carefully (you don’t need 10 farms, 2 carpenters, …).
  • Build all production facilities close together.
  • Build the leisure facilities close together.

Moving to New Location

  • Before you go into another world, you just build lots of stores and store everything you have.
  • Assign 2-3 wiggles to each warehouse.
  • Set what you want in it and they’ll do it.
  • When the stores are full, just pack up and take them with you.
  • When you reassemble them in the new world, the resources are still there and you only need to haul a camp.

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