Plants vs. Zombies: Game of the Year – No Fungus Among Us Achievement

In this guide i will be teaching you how to get the no fungus among us achievement.

No Fungus Among Us Achievement Guide

Starting The Level

So I recommend that you have already beaten adventure mode. Now you have to do it again until you get to level 2-1 (First level of Night mode). From There Chose these Plants: Kernel Pult, Wall-Nut, Sunflower, Potato Mine, Squash and then add every other explosive you prefer Apart From Doomshoorm.

Sunflower And Potato Mine

Now for this part, first plant a few sunflowers until the zombies start coming. then when the first zombie comes put a potato mine to kill him and start placing more sunflowers and repeat until two zombies start coming at once.

Kernel Corn Defense

After that start placing a kernel corn at a zombie and a potato mine at the other. Keep repeating that until you have a full row of kernel corns.


From here you can place another row of kernel corn a place some other explosives and defenses.

And from here you are pretty much done and you can claim your achievement.

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