Killsquad – Talismans (How, Where and Why)

Talismans – how to get them, where to get them and why you should get them.


Talismans are a new feature introduced in the Christmas 2020 update.

They are powerful items that passively enhance your hero by applying one of many available buffs.

Talismans menu can be found in the Hero->Inventory->Talismans tab.

You can have only 2 talismans equipped at the same time.

How to Get Them?

As of now, talismans can be found in 2 sections of the game: Recruit and Spec Ops. What it means, is that certain talismans will only drop in particular missions.

Each talisman consists of 3 fragments: 2 found in Colosseum and 1 found in a regular contract.

The order of collecting the fragments can be random and you can unlock them in whatever order you want.

Firstly, you want to check the description of the talisman to see its drop location.

Once you determine the location, you have two choices: go for the Colosseum fragment or the contract fragment.

Contract Fragments

  • Contract talisman fragments can be found in Unseen Chests.

  • Only 2 chests spawn per level.
  • Fragment drop is not guaranteed.
  • Once you find the fragment and notice that the game has been saved on the right of your screen, you can quit the contract. All loot is saved.
  • Each talisman requires only 1 contract fragment.
  • Use the “Show Secret Chests” to have all chests displayed on the minimap for easier exploring.

Colosseum Fragments

Currently, there are 2 Colosseum missions available – Recruit and Spec. Ops.

In order to find a Colosseum fragment, all you have to do is finish all 10 rounds of the Colosseum and open the chest. Fragment drop is guaranteed.

Crafting and Upgrading The Talisman

Once you acquired all the 3 fragments of a talisman, you can craft it. Simply go to the talisman menu and hold the key displayed in a tooltip.

Don’t forget to equip the talisman!

However, this is just the beginning of unlocking the true power of the talisman.

Each talisman has 3 levels: let’s call them 0, 1 and 2.

You have to get enough experience in order to unlock the higher tiers. Experience drops from enemies, just like DNA, except it’s red. You get experience only if the talisman is equipped.

Note: If you play contracts way below your vector level, experience drops will be much lower – you have to play contracts close to your vector level or above.

You can greatly increase the experience found by equipping the gear that increases drop chance. (Extra drop perks stack!)

At level 0 the talisman is giving you a major disadvantage and often can harm your teammates too.

At level 1 the negative effects are removed and you get a small buff.

At level 2 the talisman reaches its full potential and unlocks its maxmium power.

List of All Talismans


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