Blightbound – Efficient Stat Leveling Guide (Loot Optimization Tips)

The objective of this guide is to help beginners understand what each stat offers.

Guide to Efficient Stat Leveling


While selecting a level on the map you will notice they have differing difficulties, arranging from “easy” to “impossible”. Those denominations give a general idea of what the party can expect, but to know for sure the difficulty of a level you should check the Blight Level. Currently, the Blight Level can vary from 1 to (theoretically) 2,147,483,647.

The Blight Level is defined by the Party Level, which is based on the average party’s Character Rating. That means the higher your Character Rating, the higher the difficulty.

Things that raise Character Rating are:


The rarer your equipment, the higher the rating.


The higher your stats, the higher the rating.

Dungeons Completed

Every 3 successful dungeon runs you get +1 Character Rating.

As the Blight Level goes up so does enemy damage, HP and speed. The advantage of going for higher Blight Level runs is the better drop rates and loot rarity.

Stats Analysis

The maximum amount of points you can get on a stat is 10. You can get stat points by raising you Character Level, from your Refuge Level and from Stat Potions.


Increases your critical chance by 1% per point as well as the level of the items you find.

Items in this game are very important, so the increased drop value is very significant especially for beginners. With better items, you can finish dungeons with higher Blight Level and get even better items quicker.


Increases movement speed and critical damage by 2% per point.

Movement Speed means finishing dungeons quicker, which means more loot. Also helps with dodging.


Increases maximum health by 5% per point.

Currently, the maximum HP each class can have is:

  • Warriors: 1800 (5400 with items).
  • Assassins: 1260 (3060 with items).
  • Mages: 900 (3600 with items or 4500 but you have to become melee).

Sounds like a lot, but the higher the Blight Level the worse investing in Vit as a Mage/Assassin becomes. In Blight Level 30 some mobs start hitting for around 3k, only getting worse the higher it goes.

Considering that Assassins and Mages don’t have a way to % block damage themselves this means that you are making a tanky build to potentially get two-shotted. If you don’t plan in doing anything higher than Blight Level ~25 then Vit is a good stat, otherwise you’re better off investing in something else.


Increases you damage by 2% per point.

Not a bad stat, but other stats such as Luck and Agility might be preferable since they give something else instead of just damage.


Reduces titan skills cooldown by 2% per point.

Same as Power. Not a bad stat, but other stats might be preferable.

Extra Info

Considering Stat Potions are a thing, it means that you can have all stats maxed eventually. The devs are likely to add a way to Respec in the future. Knowing both these things, don’t feel too bad if you mess something up.

Stat Potions are rarely found on dungeon runs and can be bought in the merchant by a hefty price, it seems they appear more frequently on the merchant based on your Refuge Level. I only recommend buying them if you have more than ~200k Aetheri Sparks, otherwise those Aetheri Sparks are likely better spent by buying crafting components.

Since the devs haven’t added a limit to how many potions a character can use, you can end up with unspendable stat points if you use more than 12 potions by character, so be careful.

From left to right: Agility, Luck, Power, Vitality and Will.

Recommended Stats


  • Luck > Agility > Power > Will > Vitality

Luck and Agility to maximize loot. Power to take advantage of the high base damage.


  • Luck > Agility > Will > Power > Vitality

Luck and Agility to maximize loot. Will to lower the cooldown of strong skills such as Reversal Shield and Gravity Well.


  • Luck > Vitality > Agility > Will > Power

Luck and Agility to maximize loot. Vitality to help tank high Blight Level dungeons.

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