My Summer Car – How to Start and Drive the Kekmet

Operating the Kekmet can be tricky at first. But no worries! After reading this guide you will know everything about it inside and out (litteraly).

Guide to Start and Drive the Kekmet

Starting the Engine

The Kekmet can be quite tricky to start at first, but you can quickly get the hang of it. Here are the steps:

  1. Get into the tractor (it’s in the woodshed behind your home).
  2. On the right of the steering wheel, you have the hand throttle lever. Pull it at least two times, otherwise the enigine won’t start (if you pull it more than two times, the engine will use more fuel). After that hold the ignition and the engine will start.
  3. Disable the parking brake (press M1 on it). It’s a small lever on the floor to your left.
  4. Put on a gear and you’re good to go! The Kekmet has 3 gears and a range system. To switch range you press R or you can use the large lever on your right. It’s located next to the fork controls.

Driving + Interior

The Kekmet is driven like every other vehicle. It doesn’t have seatbelts so avoid max speed unless required. It cannot be damaged in any way, so it’s good for practing driving in general.

Now for the interior:


  • Sterring wheel (yes).
  • 3 lights that do nothing (located on top of the dashboard).
  • RPM gauge (southeast of the useless lights).
  • Gauge no.2 ((I think it has a fuel meter but I don’t know) southwest of the useless lights).
  • Wiper switch (bottom left on the dashboard).
  • Light switch (to the right of the steering wheel).
  • Ignition (next to the hand throttle lever).
  • Hand throttle lever (next to the ignition).

Levers and stuff

  • Parking brake (on the floor to your left).
  • Rear hydraulics (under the seat to your left).
  • Diff. lock (on the floor to your right).
  • Arm and fork controls (to the richt of your seat).
  • Range selector (in between the fork controls and the left wall).
  • Iterior light (right above your seat).

Lever Operation

Now that you know the interior well, you need to know how to operate it. Here is a brief look at all the levers:

Parking brake

  • Blocks the wheels from moving so that your tractor doesn’t leave while you’re busy.

Differential lock

  • Forces all the wheels to spin at the speed, giving the tractor more power (I’m not sure about this).

Rear hydraulics

  • Lifts the trailer (it’s in front of the woodshed) up and down by pressing M1 and M2 respectively. Requires high RPM’s to work (pull the hand throttle to increase them).

Fork and arm controls

  • Used to control the arm and fork of the Kekmet. Operated with M1 and M2.

Range selector

  • Used to switch between high and low range.

Hand throttle

  • Used to control the RPM’s. M1 to increase, M2 to decrease.

Misc. Stuff


  • The Kekmet has a diesel engine with a 65 liter tank. The fuel tap is located in front of the left door and can be opened by scrolling the mouse wheel.


  • The trailer is attached automaticaly when you reverse into it. To detach simply look at attachment place and press M1. You can also open/close the back hatch with M1.


  • You can get the achievement “A true hillbilly” by driving the Kekmet to Teimo’s store.
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