Miss Neko – How to Obtain Three Challenge Achievements

How to get the Challenge (Rock, Paper, Scissors minigame) achievements.

Challenge Achievements Guide

How to Obtain

I would advise to finish the game first. After that replay the game for these achievements to make sure you will not miss one of them.

What to Do

The objective for these achievements is to win two time in a row without any loses or draws.

Step 1

Start at the frist puzzle. Press “T” to instantly solve it.

Step 2

Now play the rock, paper, scissors game. The results can be Win, Lose or Draw.

You need a total of 2 Wins to compleet the minigame.

After you win the minigame a Replay button will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen.

And in the bottom right corner you will see a Next button.

Step 3

If you won the game with only 2 wins and no losses or draws, you can continue.

If not, press the replay button to reset the minigame. Do this until you win ”back to back” the first and second set.


  • Win, draw. Restart.
  • Lose. Restart.
  • Win, lose. Restart.
  • Draw. Restart.
  • Win, Win. Good! Press next and the achievement will show (It doesn’t matter which one you start with. Just try and you will see).

Do this for every level and you will have 100% in no time!

This will take some tries. The minigame is not totally random there are some patterns.

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