Nidhogg 2 – The Balance of the Weapons

You probably don’t exactly know what this guide is about if you’ve only read the vague artsy fartsy title, so let me explain what this guide is about. Here I will disscuss the weaknesses, and strengths of each weapon, and explain the reason of the weaknesses, and strengths.

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The Dagger!

Now the dagger is basically the rapier, but with a shorter range, and a faster speed(By this I mean you move faster, attack faster, and change positions faster.)

The weakness

From what I gathered, I would say the dagger’s weakness is the broadsword, due to the broadsword being the longest weapon in the game, and also not being able to go into the middle which makes it so the broadsword can access the bottom the fastest, and the bottom is the best place for fighting daggers.

The strength

Now the strength of the dagger would be going against a bow, because of the fact that the dagger is able to go into the top, middle, and bottom, very fast, so you’re able to block the arrows quicker, and the faster movement speed is also a big advantage, since you’re able to run faster towards the opponent that has the bow.

The Bow!

The bow is an infinite range weapon that can have it’s attacks reflected, and it’s also very different from all the other weapons.

The weakness

What the bow is weak against is, the dagger, and that’s because the dagger is a quicker, and short-ranged rapier. Because the dagger is able to change positions faster, that makes it easier to reflect arrows, and having faster movement speed makes it so it’s harder for the holder of the bow to escape a dagger holder who is chasing them.

The strength

The weapon that the bow is most powerful against is the broadsword, the reasons for this are, the fact that you can only aim up, and down with the broadsword makes it so stopping arrows in the middle is harder, and won’t reflect them. Along with having that downside against the bow and arrow, one of the broadsword’s advantages, which is being the longest sword in the game barely makes a difference against a bow, since the most sword-like thing you can do with the bow is throw it(Besides attacking your frenemy.)

The Broadsword!

The broadsword, this european beast makes you pretty vulnerable I gotta say, you can’t aim in the middle, but it gives you quite the attack, and some range.

The weakness

The bow is the weapon the broadsword is the weakest at fighting against, I would say this because the broadsword can’t aim in the middle, and this makes it, so it requires some pretty good timing to stop an arrow coming from the middle, and the way you have to stop arrows coming from the middle makes it so the arrows only stop, but don’t reflect, so that encourages you to run toward the bow holder, which is more risky than trying to reflect the arrows. The upside of being the longest sword in the game is useless against a bow, since the bow can’t do any sword fighting moves.

The strength

The weapon which the broadsword is strongest against is the dagger, because of the dagger being so short, and the broadsword being so long, this encourages the person using the dagger to get very close, and the broadsword is the best when the enemy is close, because the attacks of the broadsword are very deadly, and heavy, but they don’t reach very far. There are two other things which are better about the broadsword, one of them is that the broadsword being the longest sword in the game has
another advantage against the dagger, which is that the person using the dagger has to make the broadsword slip out of the broadsword holder’s hands, because it’s so long that the dagger can’t hit the broadsword holder without being stabbed. The broadsword has another advantage against the dagger, which is that it can access the best spot for fighting the dagger very, quickly, which is the bottom, and that’s because it can’t aim in the middle.

The Rapier!

In my opinion, the rapier is the most unique weapon in the game, since it doesn’t have a weapon it’s stronger against, or a weapon it’s weaker against, it puts up an equal fight with every weapon, and I’ll explain why.

Against the dagger

It’s pretty obvious why the rapier puts up an equal fight with the dagger, the dagger is bad with attacking, but it’s good with speed, and the rapier is okay with both, and from here, I don’t think there’s any more explaining needed.

Against the bow

So the reason for the rapier putting on an equal fight against the bow, is that for the bow, fighting the rapier is exactly like fighting the dagger, but minus the speed advantages, which evens up the
Difficulty of the fight for the bow user.

Against the broadsword

Now this one will probably be the hardest to explain, I’ll start off with the fact that the broadsword not being able to aim in the middle makes it very vulnerable to rapier attacks, since the rapier isn’t much shorter than the broadsword, so it’s able to get some pretty good hits on the broadsword, but what balances this out into an equal fight is, that the broadsword’s crazy attacks can easily kill the rapier user, or knock the rapier out of their hand.

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