Slime Rancher – Top Tips for Largo Ranching

A simple guide to help the new, and some old start into the world of largo ranching!

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Largo Ranching

Tip #1: Quantity

When ranching largos having too many in a corral can cause problems, such as food shortages or physics bugs with drastic effects. in my opinion, the optimal number of largos per corral is 4.

Tip #2: Largo Types

You can cross largos of any kind, but some are more preferable, like mixing dangerous slimes with dangerous slimes. But here are some of my preffered combos:

  • Phosphor + Tabby
  • Honey + Hunter
  • Boom + Rock
  • Crystal + Rad
  • Tangle + Dervish/mosaic
  • Quantum + Any Non-Dangerous Slime

Tip #3: Farms

When you ranch largos the best food to feed them depends on which plort is more valuable.
Example: Rad < Crystal – Odd Onions.

Tip #4: Newbucks

The best way to get newbucks is a simple strategy that can get you upwards of 60000 newbucks.

  • Step 1: Do everything above and get at least 4 corrals with different types of largos. 
  • Step 2: Get plort collectors and wait for all to be full 
  • Step 3: Continuosly sleep and feed your slimes until the plort market says one of your plort types has stopped rising in price, then sell all of that type. 
  • Step 4: Continue step three until all the plort types have been sold 
  • Step 5: Continue steps 2 through 4 until you have desired amount of money 

That is all! I hope i helped some people with this simple guide. Happy Ranching!

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