Shieldwall – Simple Tactics

Just a simple guide for basic tactics that make the game easier.


At first i want to say that i wrote this guide to help new players with simple tactics to make the game easier. Even people who are advanced in this game might find a few of the following tactics useful. Also i`d like to apologize if my english is a bit rusty. With that said let`s start.

Picking Your Fights

Deciding where and when you want to attack can sometimes be a tough choice but one thing you should definetly use to your advantage are certain choke points. For example in the picture below you can see that this map has a capture point in the middle of all 3 bases which means that you can easily defend your home base by taking that point. However defending the middle point isn`t easy because the other teams will rush you from two different sites which can cause heavy casulties and a lot of wasted money.

Anyways a good tactic of defending that middle point and reducing the losses of your troops/money is that you let the other two generals fight each other on the middle point dealing each other heavy damages while you sit back for a while and enjoy the slaughter. But make sure to rush in before the survivng general takes the middle point because that can be a pain to retake. Example given in the pictures below.

Using Your Javelines

The javelines can be used to deal damage to enemy forces before they get to you. However if the enemy troops are in turtle formation only a few of the javelines will make their way trough and cause damage. It`s better to wait until the enemy forces give up their formation and charge at you. Examples given in the picturess below.

It`s also great to throw them into the back of two fighting armies because any troop that has been hit by a javeline will fall and has to come back up before they can fight again which means that you can divide enemy forces for a short period of time and that period of time can cause heavy casulties to the enemy.

Use the Turtle Formation

The turtle formation can save the lifes of your troops by blocking enemy projectiles from above and from the front. Sometimes the enemy troops try to throw their javelines at you before they charge in. Thats why you should definetly make use of the turtle formation to prevent that from happening to you.

Also the turtle formation can work as a gate opener. The enemy base always has defending units that are throwing projectiles at your poor troops and deal a lot of damage before you can take down their gates. So walking to the enemy gate while remaining in turtle formation is strongly advised.

Sometimes Don’t Rush The Uncaptured Points

Sometimes rushing to the uncaptured points won`t work because most of the enemy generals will try the exact same thing. It`s better to walk around these points and visit an enemy base. By doing so you might run into the problem of having the enemy general respawn inside their base while you`re still trying to break down the gate. But if you`re lucky you can capture their base before they die which means that they can`t respawn there anymore and that they have the problem of defending their points against enemy troops. As you can see in the pictures below i started by going around the middle point capturing every enemy base until there was one general left.

Choke Points (Again)

By locking down choke points you can just simply wait until you have enough money to afford the better units. Just do a basic combination of letting enemys kill each other, throwing javelines when enemy troops charge at you, use the turtle formation when enemy units try to throw projectiles at you etc. Just don`t forget to watch the point bars in the top left corner.

Written by Falcon-19

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