Door Kickers: Action Squad – Additional Enemy Guide

Bosses and Enemies Guide


Just to cover the enemies and bosses that are not included in the guide mentioned above.

Some facts interspersed with opinion.


Cartel Security

  • Comes looking for trouble, really: if he detects/hears you he’ll come running. Even without line of sight, opens closed (unlocked) doors and from darkened rooms. Has (light?) armor and an SMG (MP5 sort of affair). Not too much of a problem in general, certainly not for the more powerfull classes. Does alert other enemies to your presence by bee-lining for you and opening doors.

What’s Name

  • Bit of a strange appearance, balaclava or executioner’s hood? Anyway, decent armor and firepower, can chip away at your (improved) armor quite fast. When dealing with larger groups of enemies, this can be the one that drops you, when you’ve worked through the others.
  • AP or aimed shot (especially in the back?) and he keels over (derpy death animation).

Quick Draw

  • Supressed pistol with AP ammo it seems. Prefers a certain distance, runs either away or towards you, might explain his Olympic style shooting stance. Quick on the draw too, often gets a shot off before you drop him. Apart from that no armor or anything so takes damage easily.

Heavy Weapon’s Guy

  • Belt fed MG, armor and a health bar. Pre-fires doors when knocking them down. Best countered with AP, aimed shot or the breacher with weak-spotter (AP) perk.

Big Pimpin’

  • Not so much an enemy as the others, quite annoying though when you accidentally merc him and fail the mission. Sends the other enemies after you and hides behind them or makes his escape to other rooms in the ruckus. Just clear the rest or stun (kick/flash), corner him and he surrenders.

Canine Annoyance

  • Dogs as enemies seem to be universally hated in most video games, no exception here. They make a bee-line for you, do substantial melee damage (negates armor iirc), knockback and since they are low to the ground can be missed easily when standing/walking. Just spam crouch and fire. Sometimes the direction of attack is a bit tricky. But then again seeing a slug from the breacher delete three of them in a row settles the score.



  • Shoots flames, has armor. Nomex suits are a worthwhile upgrade…
  • Shoot in the back to negate armor and set the tank on fire, boom.
  • Weakness: backside, Breacher.


  • Storms at you, deals significant melee damage and hucks molotovs on occasion. Shoot in the back to negate armor.
  • Weakness: backside, Breacher.

Ned Kelly/North Hollywood Bank Robber

  • Heavy armor all round and firepower, needs to reload after a couple of bursts, is then stationary and complains about armor face shield, use this to your advantage. When you defeat his armor and he starts to take damage drops on one knee and pulls out a hand cannon which does crazy damage.
  • Liberal use of flashbangs works well. Agent Fergie is surprisingly effective with her melee attack, this stun locks and just keep slashing away.
  • Weakness: Breacher.

Vin Diesel

  • High damage pistol and knife, when low on health he drinks a healing potion (some kind of energy drink perhaps), especially troublesome for Recon and Shield if you don’t have enough frags or breaching charges because he heals faster than you can reload. Somewhat trivial for the Assaulter and Breacher.
  • Weakness: Breacher. 



  • Runs away and thus alerts enemies, whilst soaking up rounds like a human shield. No penalty for ‘accidentally’ killing him though. However arresting him gives some SP.


  • Just like their real-life versions they are hella annoying, doesn’t get out of the way when you’re in a hurry and whacks you with her cane, although that hardly does damage. You do get penalized when you ventilate ’em, just like in real-life too, so better watch your fire around them. Can be arrested for being a nuissance, but doesn’t net SP, just the promise of a donut.

Police Officer

  • On the same side as the good guys, rescue a downed one and he’ll cover your back.


In case you struggle with a particular enemy; equip the semi-auto shotgun, fully upgrade the individual skills and then just spam fire and reload.

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