The Heiress – The Basics

Basic Tips and Tricks

Does the game launch in a small screen but you want to play it in full screen?

Right-click your mouse on the top row of the window and select the option “play in full screen next time”. This will only take effect the next time you launch the game. You can press F5 to play in a slightly larger screen until the next time you play.

Basic controls

Press “X” to go to the screen where you can:

  • Save / Load.
  • Equip items.
  • Access the quest log.


Hearing about a quest and actually accepting that quest are two different things. Even after a quest has appeared in your quest log, you will still need to find the person who issued it first. They will tell you more about it, after which you can choose whether or not to accept the quest. Note: only then will the general area where you can do the quest become available! Generally, the person you need to talk to in order to activate a quest is either staying in an inn or in a civilian house. Since they don’t get highlighted with “!” or anything, you will need to try to talk to people (by standing next to them and pressing
Enter) in the area given in the quest log until you find the right person who will tell you more about the quest. (You can access other areas by going to the town gate at the very bottom of the town where you start, where you will get a list of places you can go to).

Basic Strategy

  • In order to prevent an enemy from hurting you too much, you can select an “ultimate skill” like “the dizziness bomb” that will generally prevent the enemy from moving at all, so you can finish them off with a basic attack. 
  • If you do get hurt too much, you can heal yourself with a “recovery skill”. You can even do this in between fights, by pressing “X” and going to the “skills” menu.

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