Primal Carnage: Extinction – All Admins Commands

List of All Admin Commands

How to be/login as admin

  • Start by pressing F7 and write Adminlogin (password).
  • Congratulation you are now a admin.
  • Now for be able to use all commands down, write Admin enablecheats.

God mod

  • For be invincible write Admin god.
  • Little tip: Trapper are still able to kill you with smol dino classes even with god mod.

Ghost mod

  • Write Admin ghost with this mod you can’t move and can’t be hit by weapons.
  • For get out of this mod write admin walk.

Spawning pawn (dinos and humans)


  • Raptor—> Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCNovaRaptorPlayerPawn
  • Oviraptor—> Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCOviraptorPlayerPawn
  • Dilophosaurus—> Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCDilophosaurusPlayerPawn
  • Cryolophosaurus—> Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCCryolophosaurusPlayerPawn
  • Tupandactylus—> Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCTupandactylusPlayerPawn
  • Pteradon—> Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCPteradonPlayerPawn
  • Acro—> Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCAcroPlayerPawn
  • Rex—> Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCTyrannosaurusPlayerPawn
  • Spinosaurus—> Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSpinosaurusPlayerPawn
  • Compy—> Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCCompyPlayerPawn
  • Carno—> Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCCarnotaurusPlayerPawn
  • Cerato—> Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCCeratosaurusPlayerPawn
  • Hunt Raptor—> Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCHuntNovaraptorPlayerPawn


  • Trapper—> Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCTrapperPlayerPawn
  • Commando—> Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCCommandoPlayerPawn
  • Pathfinder—> Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCPathfinderPlayerPawn
  • Pyro—> Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCPyroPlayerPawn
  • Scientist—> Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCScientistPlayerPawn
  • Veteran—> Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCVeteranPlayerPawn broken atm
  • Dog—> Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCDogPlayerPawn


You can also take the control of your pawn with this command:

  • Admin Avatar PC(Class)PlayerPawn

If you want to take control over a Hunt Raptor, spawn it and write:

  • Admin Avatar PCHuntNovaraptorPlayerPawn

If it’s a Dog write:

  • Admin Avatar PCDogPlayerPawn

All classes (small shortcut from up)

  • PCNovaRaptorPlayerPawn
  • PCOviraptorPlayerPawn
  • PCDilophosaurusPlayerPawn
  • PCCryolophosaurusPlayerPawn
  • PCTupandactylusPlayerPawn
  • PCPteradonPlayerPawn
  • PCAcroPlayerPawn
  • PCTyrannosaurusPlayerPawn
  • PCSpinosaurusPlayerPawn
  • PCCompyPlayerPawn
  • PCCarnotaurusPlayerPawn
  • PCCeratosaurusPlayerPawn
  • PCHuntNovaraptorPlayerPawn

  • PCTrapperPlayerPawn
  • PCCommandoPlayerPawn
  • PCPathfinderPlayerPawn
  • PCPyroPlayerPawn
  • PCScientistPlayerPawn
  • PCVeteranPlayerPawn
  • PCDogPlayerPawn

Remove Pawns

You can remove them all with:

  • Admin killpawns

But if you want remove a specific class write:

  • Admin killall (name of the class)

Ex: for remove all Raptors pawn write Admin killall PCNovaRaptorPlayerPawn

Spawning Projectiles


  • Flare—> Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCProjFlare
  • Net—> Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCProjNet
  • Rocket—> Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCProjRocket
  • OrnamentGrenade-> Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCProjOrnamentImpactGrenade
  • Grenegg—> Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCProjGrenade
  • Hatchet—> Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCProjHatchet
  • Molotov—> Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCProjMolotov
  • FlaregunShot—> Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCProjFlaregunShot
  • ProjGrenade—> Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCProjGrenade
  • Dynamite—> Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCProjDynamite
  • HatCosmetic—> Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCHatCosmetic
  • ThrownAmmokit—> Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCThrownAmmokit
  • ThrownHealthkit—> Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCThrownHealthkit

Dino projectiles

  • SpitBlind—> Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCProjSpitBlind
  • Spitacid—> Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCProjSpitacid

Spawning Weapons

Weapons (normale, survival and mk2)

Double Barrel Shotgun

  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_DoubleBarrelShotgun
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_DoubleBarrelShotgun
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_DoubleBarrelShotgun_Mk2


  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_Shotgun
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_Shotgun
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_Shotgun_Mk2


  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_SPAS12
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_SPAS12
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_SPAS12_Mk2


  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_AssaultRifle
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_AssaultRifle
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_AssaultRifle_Mk2


  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_M4
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_M4
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_M4_Mk2


  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_DartGun
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_Dartgun
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_Dartgun_Mk2


  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_DesertEagle
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_DesertEagle
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_DesertEagle_Mk2


  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_DualPistols
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_DualPistols
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_DualPistols_Mk2


  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_FlameSaw
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_Flamesaw
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_Flamesaw_Mk2


  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_FlareGun
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_FlareGun
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_FlareGun_Mk2


  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_M9Pistol
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_M9Pistol
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_M9Pistol_Mk2


  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_NetGun
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_Netgun
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_Netgun_Mk2


  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_SniperRifle
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_SniperRifle
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_SniperRifle_Mk2


  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_StunGun
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_StunGun
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_StunGun_Mk2


  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_TranqRifle
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_TranqRifle
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_TranqRifle_Mk2


  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_Machete
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_machete
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_machete_Mk2

Other weapons

  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_LMG
  • Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCTurretWeapon_BasicMachineGun

Summoning Vehicles

  • helicopter—> Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCVehicle_Battlehawk
  • Jeep—> Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCVehicle_Jeep
  • ATV—> Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCVehicle_ATV
  • Dirtbike—> Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCVehicle_Dirtbike

You can remove them all with Admin killpawns.

Maps and how to change it

For change the map you write:

  • AdminChangeMap (Map Name)

You can also restart the map with:

  • AdminRestartMap

All Maps

Tip: In free roam game you can change to every map below (TDM, FR, Testing, Survival, GTTC and CTE).

TDM Maps (TeamDeathMatch)

  • PC-TheFalls
  • PC-Marsh
  • PC-ForgottenOutpost
  • PC-Transfer
  • PC-Verdant
  • PC-Contingency
  • PC-Docks
  • PC-ForestChasm
  • PC-ForestChasmSnow
  • PC-Snowbound
  • PC-Airbase
  • PC-UtilityBase
  • PC-UtilityBaseSnow
  • PC-SandstormValley
  • PC-DesertionPoint
  • PC-Borealis
  • PC-Volcano

GTTC Maps (GetToTheChopper)

  • GTTC-Ruthless
  • GTTC-RuthlessSnow
  • GTTC-Downpour
  • GTTC-Docks
  • GTTC-TheFalls
  • GTTC-PhantomCave

Survival Maps

  • AI-VisitorCenter
  • AI-Geothermal
  • AI-WhiteForest

CTE Maps (Capture the Egg)

  • PC-TheFalls
  • PC-Docks
  • PC-UtilityBase
  • PC-ForgottenOutpost
  • PC-ForestChasm
  • PC-Borealis

FR Maps (FreeRoam)

  • FR-Valley
  • FR-Island
  • FR-Seasons
  • FR-ForgottenWorld
  • PC-Pandoria


  • PC-Docks
  • PC-ForestChasm
  • PC-Snowbound
  • PC-TheFalls
  • PC-Transfer
  • PC-UtilityBase
  • PC-Verdant

Test Maps

  • PC-BasicTesting_dg
  • FrontEndTest

Kicking & Banning Players

For kick a player there is 2 ways.

First way

Write Adminplayerlist

It will show the “number” of all player who are in the server, find the person you are looking for, look at the number next to their name and write Adminkick (Player’s number) after did the command it will say the player left the server.

Second way

You can also just write the beginning of the name from the player you want to kick

Ex: If the name of the player is “Raptor_bleh” write:

  • Adminkick Rapt after did the command, it will say the player left the server.
  • Tip: if there a big letter(s) on the name of the player you must put it too or it will not works.


For ban people you can do like the first and second way but the command will be:

  • Adminkickban (player’s number) or (beginning of the name).
  • And still again, after did the command, it will say the player left the server.

Spawning AI

A bit bored?

You can spawn some AI and fight them


  • Carno—> Admin AddAi Bruiser (number you want)
  • Raptor—> Admin AddAi Raptor (number you want)
  • Acro—> Admin AddAi Tyrant (number you want)
  • Cryolophosaurus—> Admin AddAi Spitter (number you want)
  • Compy—> Admin AddAi Compy (number you want)
  • Hunt Raptor—> Admin AddAi HuntRaptor (number you want)

Give/change Health/size to players

Give health

Same for kick and ban player, you can do Adminplayerlist and with the number or the beginning of the name of the player:

  • AdminSetHealth (player’s number or name) (health)

Ex: If the name of the player is Raptor_bleh you write:

  • AdminSetHealth Rapt 100000

Ex: If the number of the player is 250 (after did Adminplayerlist) you write:

  • AdminSetHealth 250 100000

Change Size

It’s exactly same but you’ll write:

  • AdminSetScale (player’s number or name) (Size)

Ex: If the name of the player is Raptor_bleh you write:

  • AdminSetScale Rapt 5

Ex: If the number of the player is 250 (after did Adminplayerlist) you write:

  • AdminSetScale 250 5

Warning and the max size

  • The max size you can give is 10 and the smallest one is 0.2.
  • Warning never give 0.0.2 size or the server will crash.

Having more than the 10 size

You can change your own size with:

  • Adminchangesize 100


  • Adminchangesize 0.02

You cannot give this size to other people it’s only for you, admins.


You can setbind some command like this:

  • SetBind (Letter) (Command you want)

Ex: setbind B admin teleport

Then when you’ll press B you’ll tp at the direction you look.

Change speed and change gravity

Change your speed

For change your speed (only you) you write:

  • Admin setspeed 2.
  • 2 can be replaced by another number.

Change the gravity

For change the gravity you write:

  • admin setgravity -100

The normal gravity is:

  • admin setgravity -650
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