Through The Darkest of Times – Basic Guide (Story Mode)

Just general tips I picked up while playing the game.

Guide to Basics

General Tips

  • It’s good to have a diverse but moderate range of political views. I find the best build to have Social Democrats and Christian Liberal to gain the most supporters. Liberals to recruit the people who don’t really agree with the left and vice versa.
  • I’d advise against having extremes ie a communist and a monarchist in the group as that will result in infighting.
  • Having a Christian is good because it gives you easier access to weddings which is a good source of marks.
  • The goal of each chapter is to have enough supporters at the end of the chapter to keep the group afloat.
  • There are optional challenges in each chapter that correspond to an achievement for having successfully done them. These missions are in the spikey bubbles.
  • Each turn is a week and each chapter only has a 19 turns each
  • If you are going for The Magnificent Seven do not kick anyone out. I believe there are two scripted events that may occur where someone leaves in the first chapter by to fleeing to Moscow and a woman you recruit may have a miscarriage.

Chapter 1

1 February 1933 – 26 June 1933

Chapter 1 has 3 optional quests: The Great Escape, Where it Hurts, and The Truth Will Set Them Free requiring 3 SA Uniforms, Fire Devices, and Critical Leaflets Respectively

The SA Uniforms are the easiest to get since they dont require a very long chain to get each uniform

You can get the following historical event achievements here by watching the events unfold:

  • Public Beating (You see a jewish man being beat)
  • Reichstag Fire
  • Shop Boycott (Go inside the shop)
  • Book Burning
  • BloodShed

Chapter 2

March 29 1936 – August 9 1936

You have 3 optional quests here Freedom Bell, Helping People Cross the Border, and Tell the World

The former requires a bomb which requires 3 explosives, and the second 3 SA uniforms and a fake passport, and the latter most 3 SA uniforms and 3 critical intel

In this chapter making leaflets is usually part of the mission chain so buy paper and make leaflets when you can. Also smuggle books.

There is a weird bug that didnt allow me to redo the steal SA uniform mission when I had to flee so be aware of that

The historical events achievements that can be obtained here are:

  • Hindenburg
  • Hitler’s Birthday
  • French Connection
  • The Games
  • The Camp

Chapter 3

June 20 1941 – October 31 1941

All 3 of the optional quests require 3 Army Uniforms.

Frozen Lightning and Voice of Freedom require 3 critical intel each. Each critical intel requires 3 intel.

Safe Passage require a truck which requires printing 1 set of leaflets.

In this chapter writing slogans on the wall is crucial so buy at least 3 paints.

You will also need to smuggle at least 4 books.

  • Neighbors
  • Laughter
  • Occupation
  • Shelter
  • Deportation

Chapter 4

December 18 1944 – April 30 1954

Ordinary Man – 3 Testimonies. You get one of the testimonies by talking to the Forced Laborer

The historical event achievements that can be obtained in this chapter are:

  • Kriegsweihnacht
  • Bombing
  • Volkssturm
  • The Prisoner
  • Peace

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