Yakuza 3 Remastered – How to Get Through Blocking Enemies

Probably you’re having problems with the amount of blocking in this great game,if that’s the case, this guide has a few important basic mechanics that will help you get through the hustle.

How to Punch People in Yakuza 3

I’m anticipating the block-heavy nature of Yakuza 3 enemies to trip up many new players. In response, I’ve prepared a quick guide on methods to get past their guard and deal big damage. Hopefully this can help you push through the admittedly rough 2009 combat and enjoy the amazing story of the game.


The bread and butter of the Pre-Dragon Engine games. Enemies can’t guard behind themselves. By waiting for the enemy to attack and then dodging behind them during their animation, you can usually get a full combo in.


Grabs are a versatile and effective tool in Kiryu’s arsenal. They work on most enemies (Fat guys break out immediately and bosses usually have a “cooldown” of sorts, you’ll know if they break out instantly), and have several follow-up options with throws and kicks. If the enemy is knocked down, you can grab them by the legs or head. Grabbing an enemy by the legs lets you throw them over and over again in a chain. Grabbing them by the head lifts them onto their feet, stunning them below half health, and if they’re facing upwards, this can potentially let you get in a back combo.

Whiffing light attacks

The AI in this game is pretty wiffy, to say the least, and it will start blocking after the first hit you connect most of the time. To take advantage of this, you can whiff light attacks (missing them on purpose) and connect only with one of the finishing moves.

One can also attack one enemy and then perform a finishing move on another foe behind you, this way it will connect like in the method above.

Utilizing the environment/Wall bounding

If an enemy gets knocked into a wall from an attack, most easily done with either a finisher next to a wall or a grab + kick, the enemy will rebound off of it. In this state, you can attack with either a rush combo or an unlocked triangle kick to juggle the enemy.

Heat Actions

As in any yakuza game, heat actions are essential to the combat. Make sure to use them as much as you can and check your unlocked abilties from time to time so you don’t pass up on newly aquired heat actions.

Keep in mind that if you’re drunk your heat meter will go up faster, so if you’re having a hard time, a bit of alcohol might help you.


If things still aren’t working out, there’s no shame in pulling out a weapon to lay the hurt on. Their fault for bringing fists to a swordfight, right?

You can buy weapons or just check what is in your surroundings, streets are filled with potential skull cracking objects.


Prioritize your tech tree over any of the others.

The tech tree will grant you a lot of interesting and useful abilities, like the Komaki Dodge Shot, which let’s you perform a faster single attack after dodging. But other than that, the main upside to the tech tree is the faster combo speed, which will let you punish enemies faster after a dodge.

Train with your masters

Yakuza 3 has three masters that will teach you really useful abilties. They are:

  • Yonashiro’s trainings: In Chapter 4, as you leave the orphanage to search for a dog, he’ll stop you and challenge you. Meet him down on the beach (he’s on the rocks on the east side) and talk to him and he’ll set up a ring to challenge you using different weapons.
  • Komaki’s lessons: Kiryu will be able to train with Komaki once he completes the Substory “Return to the Dragon Palace”. Go to Stardust on Tenkaichi and one of Komaki’s disciples will give you a letter addressed from him inviting you to train once again. Go to the Dragon Palace and select “Dojo” to find Komaki.
  • Mack’s revelations: Late in Chapter 4, Kiryu meets a guy named Mack Shinozuka, a traveler and photographer seeking “that perfect shot”. He teaches Kiryu that much can be learned from great shots, and it therefore follows that if Kiryu finds particularly interesting things to take a picture of, he can then blog about it and learn new moves from the observance.

As soon as you get the opportunity to, LEARN THE KOMAKI PARRY. It has an incredibly generous timing in Y3, works against weapons, has I-frames, and often stuns the enemy. Even when it doesn’t, the pain animation is usually long enough for you to run behind the enemy and get a combo on their back.

Be sure to check on the three of them, since their teaching will be of great help.


Complete as much substories as you can. Not only because they are fun and really worth your time, but all of them will reward you with experience points, which you can use to strengthen kiryu up.

Remember to not rush your experience in this game, the more you can take in, the better your experience will be


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