Dyson Sphere Program – Starting Seeds Guide

Collection of Seeds with exceptionally good starting conditions.

Guide to Collection of Starting Seeds

Best Seeds


Almost perfect

  • Tidal locked Lava Planet.
  • Gas Giant Fire Ice.
  • Ashen gelisol Planet with Fire Ice.


Of Ice and Fire

  • Everything has Fire Ice.
  • Gas Giant has two moons.


  • Ice planet – Fire Ice.
  • Gas Giant – Deuterium.
  • Arid Desert – 150% Wind efficiency.

Good Seeds


  • Gas Giant – Deuterium.
  • Gobi Planet 1:4 Orbital resonance.


  • Deuterium Gas Giant.
  • Tidally locked Gobi Planet 114% solar eff.


The Golden Ratio

  • Gas giant has horizontal rotation (your starting planet is rotating around the poles of the gas giant).
  • Lava planet 1:2 orbital resonance.
  • No rares.


After trying countless Seeds over six hours (and rushing the first hundred up to Universe Exploration 2), i’m quite sure the starting system can neither have a sulfuric ocean nor any other planetary rare than Fire Ice. Gas Giant has most of the time Fire Ice, rarely Deuterium. Rotational traits are quite rare too.

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