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Yuppie Psycho - Infinite Credits Guide

Written by .Lynn._   /   Updated: Jan 31, 2021    

This guide will show you how to get as many credits as you want.

Guide to Earn Infinite Credits


This secret will be accessible after you help Kate out in the hive on the fourth floor. The reason for this is because once you help Doshi out you will get a screwdriver from him. This tool is necessary for the credit grabbing to work.

Location of Credits

Go to the seventh floor and then go into the archive room. From there, head straight down (or north in game) and walk into the vhs tape room. Follow that handy blood trail all the way up to the closets.

Then, go the left closet (west closet) and open it with your screw driver.

Do this for as long as you want, it's infinite!

Now you're rich and will become a true yuppie devil.

Hive Slogan Walkthrough

Don't know how to get the screwdriver? You get it automatically, but here's a quick guide to finding it in the hive. Go fine Kate and talk to her after the motivation speech. After that, you'll have to help her find some co-workers.

Whatever you do, don't use Brian's slogan, "Would you care to join me?". You'll take damage for this.

"Make diet your best medicine"

Listen in on two workers to the west side of the hive. The slogan in the man's pills will show up.

After this, go straight across (east of the hive) and Doshi will be there stealing computer parts. Talk to the cable chewing goat and use this slogan. This is where you get that screwdriver!

"Swallow your anger. Pretend!"

This can be found in the locked suitcase north east of the hive. It'll be right across the hallway from where Kate is working. Now that you have the screw driver, you can just open it with that.

Use this line on the man that killed his workmate. He'll say "ggrr"

"Unite and be free!"

You can find this line from the yellow papers to the west side of the hive.

This line will be used on the guy surrounded by chairs. He'll be to the left of Kate down the hallway.(west)

"When you like your work, everyday is a holiday!"

You will find this in the stack of magazines next to a man who is crying up north. It's in the middle of the hallway across from Kate. There is also a coffee and soda machine right next to it.

Use this slogan on the woman who is trapped in an office...box.

Don't know how to get to her? Well just follow the picture I provided.

You'll need to crawl in an upside-down L shape to get to her.

That's All!

Well, that's all there is to it! After you're done with Human Resources, you can go straight to that closet! 

Written by .Lynn._.

Game:   Yuppie Psycho