Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle Game – How to Make Lots of BLC Quickly

This guide will introduce you to a quick way to make lots of BLC quickly.

Fastest Way to 500M BLC


I will tell you a quick way to make a lot of BLC coins, but first let me get a disclaimer out of the way. This is definitely the most efficient way of getting BLC, but I am not quite sure at what point in the game it starts to make sense. I spent a lot of time farming leaves AFK so I am not sure when this strategy will become super viable. But I believe that it will probably be viable after you aquire first few items that we will need.


I recommend saving up 1m BLC coins to first aquire the ability to buy pets and then buy Foxo. This cute little thing will make your BLC farming a lot more enjoyable and easier.

Unique Leaves

I believe that unique leaves are extremely useful so you should get those ASAP. I reckon you will be able to find a guide on how to get each one by a quick google search. More you earn the better, but the most important one for farming BLC coins is Ghost Leaf. You can get it by using the Blowfish while you’re in the space map and having 1d Cosmic leaves. This will be a lot easier after you’ve already spent quite a bit of time farming reguralry.


After you do a Big crunch, you want to go to the Void, where you will be farming enough leaves to buy you flasks, that will then turn into better ones until they unlock Exotic leaves. After you unlock those, you want to either go to The Mythical Garden (which will later also give you Mythical leaves) or at least to The Abyss. Honestly, I would recommend spending 50 m BLC coins to get The Mythical Garden, since the Mythical leaves also have some options to upgrade your Big crunch reward.

The Strategy

You want to upgrade flasks asap to reach the Strange flasks that can eventually unlock Exotic leaves. Once you get Exotic leaves you farm them asap on either The Abyss or The Mythical Garden. You buy out as much Moar BLC as you can, before the point that it takes you a while to get the next level of Moar BLC. The time for getting the next Moar BLC level shouldn’t exceed about 30 seconds. Once you get to that point, you do a big crunch and repeat. This strategy made me about 100m BLC in about 80 minutes but I believe it is possible to make even more BLC in less time.

Nice to Haves for More Efficiency

I would like to mention some things that you will certainly not regret getting before you do this method of farming. I recommend buying every sort of autouprage (both flasks and leaves). This will make this method insanely more efficient and faster. Definitely get the Crunchy coins upgrade from BLC shop, since that means you can get both Prestige coins and BLC after you do a Big Leaf Crunch. Other possible upgrades from BLC such as BLC++ or the upgrades for rewards, printers and converters are also incredibly useful.

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  1. Nice guide! I’m doing everything you suggest. Right now I’m making 3m BLC in a few minutes. I stop when I’ve exhausted the Exotic leaves upgrades. Then I repeat the process. I’m trying to find an even faster way to do this.

  2. I only make around 300k BLC in 5-10 minutes… it’s really slow. I’ve done everything I can to upgrade and increase it but it feels like I’m missing something

  3. I’m unsure what being a certified femboy has to do with anything but thanks, i just unlocked unique leaves im going for 100% achievos

  4. There is a lot of information missing in this “guide” in order for you to be able to get anywhere close to that 500m BLC coins. Namely, you need to have 20+ levels of Prestige++++ and BLC++ upgrades, you need to already have the Unlimited Printer Ink (20m BLC coins) to be able to even come close to blowing that number of leaves in 30 seconds, Crunchy coins (2-5m BLC depending on how much you upgrade). Throw in the Unlock Unique Leaves, you need at least 50m BLC coins to be able to hit even a 10m BLC coins each crunch, and a few d’s of prestige coins just to keep up that momentum.

  5. Tyvm for the guide I was able to get 500 million BLC in just a few hours, and even faster now

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