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Hrot - Secrets (Episode #1)

Written by Painik   /   Feb 4, 2021    

This guide provides hints on every secret in every level of episode 1. Guide contains maps with pinpointed spots as well as simple description what needs to be done. Some chapters also contain locations for special achievements.


The guide is divided in chapters based on levels of first episode. Each chapter contains list of secret locations with description/hint and a map, where the spots are pinpointed.

The list of secrets is in order you can usually first find them (but not necessarily order of solving them).

Before you continue reading, I would suggest trying to find the secrets on your own first, they are usually not too difficult.

Level 1: Kosmonautů station

This level contains 6 secrets in total.



  • 1. Hidden machinegun - From the second bigger room you can access dead end corridor (opposite side of the Pozorovatelna (Observation Tower) where you can find a cracked wall. Just break the wall and get the machinegun at the end. Beware of rats :) How to: The easiest way is using the hand cannon, but even a single grenade or explosive barrel (which you can find nearby) should be enough.
  • 2. Hidden place behind boxes - There is a hidden space behind the wooden boxes in the room with matryoshka doll (on the left when facing the doll). Just interact with the box and it should open.
  • 3. Platform ornaments - There are two ornaments on the wall at the side of the platform where metro is running. You need to jump into the middle of the left ornament and then interact with the wall.
  • 4. Women restroom secret room - When entering women restroom, you can find a cracked wall behind one of the toilets. Same approach as with secret #1.
  • 5. Hidden space at the right of Pivnice (Tavern) - On the right of the Pivnice building you can find hollow place that has a closed room. You need to destroy an electricity box to open it. The box is visible when walking from the playground while hugging the wall (check the map for the spot). Several enemies will come.
  • 6. Hidden corridor between Pivnice and end of level - When crawling through the tight corridor between room with red button and Pivnice, you can open another corridor. It's in middle of the tight space on the right, you just need to interact with the wall.

Level 2: Luna

This level contains 6 secrets in total. It's also possible to get achievement "Swans".


Achievement: Swans

Just ride the swans


  • 1. Secret area behind stage - In the House of Culture there are secret door on the left side of stage (red dot marked 1 on map). How to open it: In the room with Gustav's painting there is a button on one of the table's sides (dot marked with yellow number 1 on map).
  • 2. Secret corridor behind wall - Classical cracked wall, just break it.
  • 3. Hidden room behind a wall - In a room with water and stairs there is a movable wall, just interact with it.
  • 4. Hidden corridor in meat store - After walking up stairs in meat store go immediately to the left, interacting with wall will open the corridor.
  • 5. Hidden balcony - In the open space with Swans there is an open balcony on the left. Just climb the swan and jump.
  • 6. Hidden corridor to meat store freezer - From the same open space as #5, climb the swan and jump the highened area close to meat store. Destroy the fan and enter the corridor.

Level 3: Sewage Treatment Plant

This level contains 4 secrets in total.



  • 1. Hidden space behind wall - Classical cracked wall, just break it.
  • 2. Hidden weapon behind wall - In the crypt-like room with cover in the middle of it, there is a hidden room. You need to find a prodtruding brick in the same room to open the hidden room. After opening the secret, the dude with barrel above his head will appear.
  • 3. Hidden space behind wall - There is a hidden space in the room with huge cylindrical device. You need to find a red button to press for it to open. The button is hidden behind a wall with emblem in the same room. Just interact with the emblem wall.
  • 4. Jump around the wall - In the room with the generator, there is a canned blood and fat as a secret. You need to jump around the wall from the first empty spot on the right.

Level 4: Sokol Gymnasium

This level contains 5 secrets in total. It is also possible to get achievement "Rodeo" a "Kick".


Achievement: Rodeo

Green dot on map. It's enough to jump on the washingmachine and turning it on. When it is literally a rodeo, you should get the achievement.

Achievement: Kick

Simply kick the ball so it hits one of the monsters.


  • 1. Hidden space in water area - After activating both levers and turning the valve you need to go to the opposite side of the valve. There should be a corridor a bit to the left you can swim through to the top. There is a medkit hidden.
  • 2. Hidden space behind wall - There is a hidden interactable wall to in the street called "Majakovského". It's to the right next to the text "Zákaz chytání ryb" (Fishing prohibited).
  • 3. Cracked wall in the cellar next to the wooden boxes - Classic, just destroy it.
  • 4. Hidden room behind flags of ČSSR/USSR - Just walk through the flags.
  • 5. Hidden space in the gym - Climb the leftmost ladder and interact with the wall.

Level 5: Palace of Culture

This level contains 4 secrets in total. It is also possible to get achievement "Keep clean" and two special weapon variants in this level.


Achievement: Keep clean

Green dot on the map, it's enough to flush the toilet.

Special weapons

It might necessary to finish the game at least once for them to appear as I have found them in my second run.

Ball Lightning Launcher

To be found in the secret #1 location.

Brno Supershotgun (Double Barrel)

To be found in the area nearby Palace of Culture you unlock by using a silver key and then pressing a button.


  • 1. Hidden room in ventilation shaft - Outside of the Palace of Culture there is a something like ventilation shaft, interact with it and it should open the hidden space
  • 2. Hidden passage in the metro underpass - Walking from the first platform to another, there is an jump impossible shaft on the left side. You need to use something to be able to jump there.  How to: Try for example the dustbin outside of the metro station (unless you've destroyed it). Just move it below the shaft and jump on it.
  • 3. Hidden corridor above electrical device - Just jump on from the ledge on that device and interact with wall.
  • 4. Hidden space in the corridor with two turrets - On the right side of the last corridor there is a cracked wall. Destroy it.

Level 6: Vyšehrad Castle

This level contains 8 secrets in total. It's also possible to get achievement "Secret of Vyšehrad"


Achievement: Secret of Vyšehrad

Green dot on map. It's necessary to find secret #5 because of the silver key that opens the door to the Secret of Vyšehrad.


  • 1. Hidden space with handcannon - Cracked wall, destroy it.
  • 2. Second pistol and munition - It's in the same room as #1. The location is the spot where the grenade guy came from. You need to climb the ladder and jump around the wall to the left.
  • 3. Medal on wooden boxes - First you need to access the crypts and disable the barrier (on the left side in first crypt room) by pressing the lever behind multiple skulls. Barrier will then be removed and you can return to it, all you need to do is jump from box to box.
  • 4. Hidden room in the church - It's to the left of the crypt entrance when facing the crypt. Just interact with the wall.
  • 5. Hidden crypt with a key - Entrance to this crypt is bellow the elevating pillar that you can control by using red button in church.
  • You need to press a protruding brick button to disable the barrier. It's located right on the right side behind the corner immediately as you enter the church. You can find a silver key there, you need it to open the door for the achievement Secret of Vyšehrad
  • 6. Hidden corridor in the crypt - After getting the key bronze you will be attacked on stairs by a single spider. There is an electric panel above the stairs. Shoot it.
  • 7. Secret shaft between the water areas - When swimming the tight corridor to the outisde water area you can swim directly upwards to find another secret area.
  • 8. Hidden space in the water tank - When entering the outer water area, there is a secret area covered by two planks on the at the bottom of the opposite side of the water tank.

Level 7: Underground Stream

This level contains 4 secrets in total.



  • 1. Hidden space with a medal near water tank - On the right side of the water area there is a cracked wall. Destroy it. Beware: If you drain the water you can't go there anymore.
  • 2. Hidden medal behind the wooden boxes - After leaving the Mánes building you can find 3 wooden boxes. Just interact with the middle one to open the secret area.
  • 3. Hidden room in the room with a key- In the room where you are ambushed by multiple creatures after picking up the key, there is an hidden wall on the right side you can interact with. It's almost at the end of the wall and opens a hidden shaft.
  • 4. Medal behind the fence - In this open space area you can see an area behind a fence that is accessible through locked door. You need to destroy electrical panel behind the fence on the left side to open the door.

Level 8: Mausoleum

This level contains 5 secrets in total. It's also possible to get achievements "Where is Gottwald?" and "Beef Stroganoff"


Achievement: Where is Gottwald?

After fighting Gottwald just return to the place where his body was showcased (green dot on map).

Achievement: Beef Stroganoff

Finish the Episode 1.


  • 1. Hidden "Pionýr" motorcycle - There is a garage with a motorcycle in the open space with a knight/Žižka statue. How to: You have to find an electric panel to open the garage. When standing with garage to your back, having the statue on the left side, the electric panel is on the right between the two protruding pillars of the building.
  • 2. Hidden weapon - There is a hidden space in the room with a key where you are ambushed by two grenade guys. You just need to interact with the wall behind the spot from where they appeared.
  • 3. Hidden medal - There is a small hidden corridor in the room with a single tomb. When facing the tomb, the wall you need to interact with is on the right side.
  • 4. Hidden pistol behind the tombs - Deeper in the area with multiple tombs there is a cracked wall behind one of them. Just destroy it.
  • 5. Hidden weapon on the boxes - There is couple of boxes in the room after following text "Nechoď do věže" ("Don't go into the tower"). You need to use one of the barrels there to help you jump on the boxes.

Written by Painik.

Game:   Hrot