Dead Cells – Boss Loot Guide

In this brief guide I will summarize for you, which blueprints each Boss will drop for you on consecutive kills.

Guide to Boss Loot

Minor Spoiler Warning

This guide may contain mild spoilers, related to items & item locations.

If you fully want to explore the game on your own and don’t want to know about any secrets or item locations, do not scroll down.

If you however are on the lookout for a specific item or are stuck on finding something, feel free to take a look.

General Infos

  • The numbers infront of the rewards represent the amount of kills, so “1.” means first kill, and so on.
  • It is possible to collect all rewards on BC0, if not explicitly stated otherwise.
  • BC stands for “Boss Cells”, which reflects the game’s difficulty and so to speak the “New Game Plus”-mechanism. 
  • So BC1 means, you have beaten the game once and activated the higher difficulty, whereas BC0 stands for the standard difficulty that everyone starts in. 
  • It is always possible for a Boss to drop his Outfit instead of an item, which is not a bug or a players mistake, just RNG since they always only drop 1 Blueprint at a time.

Concierge (Black Bridge)

  1. Flint (Melee) & Challenge Rune
  2. Heavy Crossbow
  3. Impaler (Melee)
  4. Melee (Mutation)
  5. Ammo (Mutation)
  6. Alienation (Mutation)

+ 1 Outfit on each BC difficulty.

Conjunctivius (Crypt)

  1. Tentacle (Melee)
  2. Cursed Sword
  3. Gastronomy (Mutation)
  4. Recovery (Mutation)
  5. Advanced Forge (Hub Upgrade)

+ 1 Outfit on each BC difficulty.

Mama Tick (Nest)

  1. Scythe Claw (Melee)

+ 1 Outfit on each BC difficulty.

Secret: + 1 Special Outfit when sacrificing Mushroom at the Altar.

Time Keeper (Clock Tower)

  1. Lightspeed (Spell)
  2. Ice Shards (Ranged)
  3. Ice Crossbow
  4. Velocity (Mutation)
  5. Tainted Flask (Mutation)
  6. Emergency Triage (Mutation)

+ 1 Outfit on each BC difficulty.

Scarecrow (Mausoleum)

  1. Sickles (Spell)

+ 1 Outfit on each BC difficulty.

The Giant (Haven)

  1. Giantkiller (Melee)
  2. Giant Whistle (Spell)

+ 1 Outfit on each BC difficulty.

End Game Minor Spoiler: [4BC] 5th Boss Cell.

Hand of the King (Throne)

Symmetrical Lance & Telluric Shock (Spell) & 1st Boss Cell.

  • [1BC] 2nd Boss Cell & Recycling Tubes (Hub Upgrade)
  • [2BC] 3rd Boss Cell
  • [3BC] 4th Boss Cell

+ 1 Outfit on each BC difficulty

Daily Challenge

Accessible from the Main Menu or the Prisoner’s Quarters when the Challenge Rune was obtained

  • 1. Swift Sword
  • 5. Lacerating Aura (Spell)
  • 10. Meat Skewer (Melee)
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