Dead Cells – All Blueprint Drops and Locations

A short, complete list of all the blueprints you can obtain, which enemy/place gives it and in what area as of the Elemental Update.

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  • Assault shield: Timed door (Promenade, 3:30 mins)
  • Assassin Dagger: In the spawn area of the Promenade, top left behind the backwall
  • Blood Shield: Shield zombie (Common)
  • Blood Sword : Green zombie (Common)
  • Bow and Infinite Arrow : Archer (Common)
  • Broadsword: Corpse in front of the Promenade entrance (Prisoner’s Cell)
  • Bump Shield: Catcher (Graveyard)
  • Cursed Sword: Watcher (Second boss)
  • Dagger of the sadistic cult: Mushroom (Old Sewers)
  • Fire Torrent: Fogger (Prison Depths/Graveyard)
  • Force Shield: Shield zombie (Common)
  • Frantic Sword: Corpse Biter (Old Sewers)
  • Hayabusa Boots: Always at the end of the Forgotten Sepulchre
  • Heavy Crossbow: Incomplete One (First boss)
  • Hunter’s Longbow: Timed door (Ossuary, 3:30 mins)
  • Ice Bow: Archer (Common)
  • Impaler: Incomplete One (First boss)
  • Infantry Bow: Archer (Common)
  • Lightning Bolt: Inquisitors (Ramparts/Graveyard)
  • Oiled Sword: Bat (Promenade/Graveyard)
  • Quick Bow: In the spawn room, top left behind the backwall
  • Rapier: Scorpion (Toxic Sewers/Old Sewers)
  • Repeater Crossbow: Trackers (Forgotten Sepulchre)
  • Sandals: Phasers (Promenade/Fog Fjord)
  • Shovel: Host Zombie (Graveyard)
  • Spiked Boots: Thorny (Ossuary/Prison Depths)
  • Spiked Shield: Running zombie (Fog Fjord)
  • Spiteful Sword: Flying Biter (Ramparts/Old Sewers)
  • Torch: Slime Spawner (Ossuary)
  • Valmont’s Whip: Ugly Worm (Toxic Sewers/Old Sewers)
  • War spear: Mecha-Spider (Prison Depths)
  • Wrenching Whip: Pirate Captain (Fog Fjord)


  • Biter Swarm: Ugly Worm (Toxic Sewers/Old Sewers)
  • Ceiling Turret: Thorny (Ossuary/Prison Depths)
  • Cluster Bomb: Slasher (Ossuary/Prison Depths/Graveyard)
  • Corrupted Power: Defender (Promenade)
  • Crusher: Spinner (Forgotten Sepulchre)
  • Death Orb: Axe Thrower (Fog Fjord)
  • Fire Grenade: Red zombie (Common)
  • Flamethrower Turret: Slime Spawner (Ossuary)
  • Grappling Hook: Catcher (Graveyard)
  • Heavy Turret: Slasher (Ossuary/Prison Depths/Graveyard)
  • Horizontal Turret: Green zombie (Common)
  • Ivy Grenade: Timed door (after Black Bridge, 10:30 mins)
  • Knife Storm: Bat (Promenade/Graveyard)
  • Lure: Defender (Promenade)
  • Magnetic Grenade : Red zombie (Common)
  • Meat Grinder: Phasers (Promenade/Fog Fjord)
  • Oil Grenade: Running Zombie (Fog Fjord)
  • Phaser: Phasers (Promenade/Fog Fjord)
  • Tonic: Watcher (Second boss)
  • Toxic Cloud: Host Zombie (Graveyard)
  • Vampirism: Inquisitors (Ramparts/Graveyard)
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