Angel Wings – Affection System Guide

A short guide to the affection system used in the game.

Basics of Affection System


This is a short and sweet guide to the affection system used in the game. It won’t be in order of appearance and you need to know the game, to be able to use this guide.


How to get the different girls to show up.

  • Hierophant always gives you Jei and Hyedong. Combined with courage it gives you Chaeng and Seola. Combined with freedom it gvies you Nuri and Yujeong.
  • Hermit always gives you Chaeng, Combined with freedom it gives you Nuri and Y.
  • World always gives you Seola.
  • Love always seems to give you Jei and Hyedong.
  • Courage always seems to give you Seola.
  • Freedom always seems to give you Nuri.
  • I need to verify these 3 statements.

Now how to use the guide

  • Each section will cover 1 or two girls (depending on if their stories are interlinked).
  • You will only see the choice and how it affects your rating with that girl (and possibly others).
  • You need to know where these choices are.

Obvious stuff like choosing the girl you want to follow isn’t listed. Sometimes the choices have different results based on your card.


As Kei is your host and involved in the entire story, I will start with her.

Generally be kind to her, if you want to obtain her ending.

Positive choices

  • Help her out
  • A little
  • I came to visit you
  • I think so (if asked if you like Kei, is negative for all other girls)
  • I think I like her (same as above, same situation)
  • I could stop by to keep you company
  • I’m thankful for everything
  • I’m not a kid
  • Grab it
  • Kei’s car
  • Change the subject
  • Stay with her for a bit
  • Yeah
  • It’s a little boring without you here
  • Text her anyway

Negative choices

  • No, definitely not
  • She’s not my type
  • No

Positive choices for other girls

  • I think so (depending on the girl that is your mentor)
  • Yeah (if asked about your love for a girl)

Negative choices for other girls

  • I’m just doing it for myself (depending on the girl that is your mentor)
  • Nope (if asked about your love for a girl)

Jei and Hyedong

I like the style of Jei the most, so she is the next part.


Generally be a tease and stand up for yourself, but be honest and genuine, not too sappy and not jaded, either.

Positive Choices

  • Snap back
  • Tease her
  • Sure
  • Ask Jei to join you
  • More side dishes
  • Hyedong makes me want to drink
  • Beer
  • Be a regular himan being and say hello
  • Tease her anyway
  • Yeah
  • Grab a drink and come back
  • Sure
  • Kei’s car
  • Let it go
  • Help Jei

Negative Choices

  • Respond calmly
  • Because I like you
  • I don’t think love exists
  • There’s always Gray


Generally grab live with both hands. Enjoy it and be silly.

Positive choices

  • Ask for help
  • I couldn’t have done this without Hyedong’s help
  • Thank you sir
  • Bulgogi (marinated beef)
  • Stealth mode
  • Ask her about her photos
  • Grab a big plate of it
  • Stay with Hyedong
  • Sure
  • There are still fun things out there
  • Tell the truth
  • Joke with her
  • I like it
  • Yeah, it is a little exiting
  • We’ll still find adventures. I’ll be here
  • Another
  • Agree
  • Sometimes what you need isn’t enough
  • Kei’s car
  • Let it go
  • Accompany Hyedong

Negative choices

  • I can’t
  • We’ll see
  • Yes
  • Let me handle it

Chaeng (and Hyori)

Gaining affection with Hyori helps you later in Chaengs route.


Generally be witty, rebellious, genuine and don’t ask about her family.

Positive choices

  • Leave
  • Pretend to leave
  • Sit with Chaeng
  • A photorealsitic self-portrait
  • A comic book character
  • I just like being around you
  • Follow Chaeng
  • I’ll help you
  • Pretend to leave
  • Sometimes the hero doesn’t have a choice
  • What do you think of drama
  • Why, would you miss me
  • Go to her

Negative choices

  • We should stick to our schedule
  • Agree
  • What’s your faimily situation


Generally be updstanding.

Positive choices

  • Say hi
  • I’ll be careful
  • Sit with Hyori
  • We should stick to our schedule
  • Ask for help

Negative choices

  • Whatever


In general be friendly, open, social and honest.

Positive choices

  • Say hi
  • Tell her to come out
  • How did you end up in this city
  • What are you reading
  • What are you studying at school
  • Maybe
  • Fine
  • Do you have any other plans today
  • Any close friends
  • Anyone you like
  • Who’s that stalker the others joked about
  • It’s true
  • We’ll learn together
  • Greet her
  • Sounds fun
  • Sure
  • Confess feelings
  • Go for a kiss
  • Pasta
  • Nuri’s car

Negative choices

  • I wish reality was that interesting
  • Yeah, I was. Let me know next time
  • I don’t want to hear about Z
  • No, I don’t like him
  • No thanks



Generally be humorous, be assertive and trust in her.

Positive choices

  • Sure
  • Ask for private lessons
  • Nah
  • Fine, I’ll do it
  • I’m sure you can handle it
  • I love it. So much. (Sarcastically)
  • Ramen
  • Freedom
  • Go for a hug
  • Beer
  • Ask for Yujeong’s song
  • I’ll do it
  • Yujeong’s car

Negative choices

  • I just want to help
  • Money
  • Go for a kiss
  • I’ll just leave


Positive choices

  • Go for a kiss
  • No
  • Go to class
  • I can play this song
  • What do you think


Having a good realtion to Jihyun can help you out here.


Generally be driven, never give up and win matches.

Positive choices

  • Sure
  • Talk to Seola
  • Let’s do it
  • Give 100%
  • Sure
  • Try to steal the ball
  • Drive it in yourself (only if you chose “the world”)
  • Give her some space
  • Try anyway
  • What do you want in life
  • What made you so competitive
  • How did you meet Jihyun
  • Yes
  • No thanks
  • Seola’s car

Negative choice

  • No


Postive choices

  • Play with Jihyun
  • Pass it to Jihyun
  • Talk to Jihyun


Generally give her space and be supportive.

Postive choices

  • Say hello
  • Investigate
  • Be honest with her
  • Agree to help out
  • Visit her
  • Visit Y
  • It’s an improvement
  • Stay silent
  • Ask less than 2 questions (during the date)
  • Are we friends
  • Tell her about the band competition
  • Yep
  • Let Y do it
  • Give her a goodnight hug

Negative choices

  • Tell her to calm down
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