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Blood of Steel - Liu Bei Hero Guide

Written by KUR_KUR_KUR   /   Feb 7, 2021    

This guide to Blood of Steel is designed to introduce players to such a hero as Liu Bei.

Guide to Liu Bei Hero

Liu Bei - The Thief Army

This hero, as for me, is great for tactical battles,and why I will explain now.

His ability allows him to take the enemy's army without a general under his control.

Well, he can take control of the allied army, left without a commander, thanks to his passive ability.

As you can understand from the passive ability, every 2 seconds, Liu Bei takes away the allied troops in the amount of 2 people.But as for his ability to take away the enemy's army.He takes from 1 to 4 people under his control,and if there are no troops that he can capture, then he will spawn 2 warriors from his army.

НP Healing Skill

Now let's talk about his HP healing skill.

To use this skill, you need to have 30% of the focus left.

Liu Bei heals his army, the army that he recruited from the allied and enemy thanks to the skill, and just the allied armies.

In addition to healing with a skill, Liu Bei heals an army of consumables with a passive skill.

Written by KUR_KUR_KUR.