Team Fortress 2 – Demoman Guide

A guide to learning Demoman’s Strengths and Weaknesses, and other useful tips.


This guide is going to go over some of the gameplay basics of playing The Demoman in Team Fortress 2, In this guide I will go over the strengths of a demoman and the weaknesses of being a demoman and what useful skills and items he has to his disposal.

Health and Counters

The Demoman has 175 Health, with the Wee booties your health is increased to 200 and with the eyelander your health goes to 150. The Demoman is not a Close Range class, as a demoman you want to keep your targets to mid range and long range. Since the demoman really has no close range option besides melee it leaves a very big gap for scouts and other classes to move in on you. If you play any form of competitive TF2 via UGC, etc. You will quickly realize this. A demoman is very useful for taking down buildings and being a great area denial and quick damage dealer, generally a demoman in a competitive 6v6 match is the first to reach the battlegrounds from stickyjumping in a rollout, the Demoman can really make a big difference in a competitive match allowing the team to defend and attack much easier.

Stickybomb Launcher

Your Stickybomb launcher is one of the greatest if not the best weapon for consistent damage dealing for a demoman, a stickybomb launcher is simple to use and provides exclusive area denial and spam to keep enemies away. Another useful tip witht he stickybomb launcher is stickyjumping, stickyjumping is a very easy way of rocket jumping borrowing the same mechanics as strafing and crouch jumping. 1 sticky will get you pretty far and 2 stickies will give a large amount of speed and distance but little to no health left. 3 stickies will kill you. Unfortuanately “demospam” is all the demoman really can do to deal high damage quickly. The sticky Launcher will have about a second of delay time before it is armed and ready to detonate.

Grenade Launcher

The grenade launcher is a great weapon for the demoman allowing mid ranged to long ranged combat with pipes that deal 100 damage per direct hit. With a downward arc it is smart to aim a bit higher than where you want your pipe to land. If your setting your crosshair for Demoman, I would highly suggest a wide circle type crosshair to aid in aiming where the pill will go for direct hits. The pipes from the grenade launcher can roll and bounce off walls, use this to your advantage when against sentries or fortified positions. Take your time to aim and accurately predict your enemies movement to deal much higher damage than a rolling pipe.

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