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Quick Tips for Beginners

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Terra Randoma is a challenging game. You may choose the default character background and starsign (Retired Gladiator & Shark) since it is relatively easy. Permadeath is optional (default will be off).

When you start the game, open your inventory and put the talent stones to the action bar at the bottom so you can use it when fighting.

You will start the game on a boat at the south of the map. First sea travel is cost-free. (Later on, you will need to pay to rent a boat.)

Open your map and locate the nearest town. Go there, visit the tavern and talk to the tavern patron to take on a quest.

Check your map to see the whereabouts of your destination.

It is not wise to enter a dungeon without enough potions, so you may want to save some gold first to buy Health and Stamina potions. The prices are more affordable at the Alchemist Tower. Keep in mind also that the shop at the tower will pay well if you sell “materials”.

Keep an eye on hunger level. You can camp on the overworld to rest as well as forage & hunt.

Make sure you stack arrows, especially if you are a ranger. You can see how many you have by checking the arrow icon at the bottom right of your screen, just above the action bar. They are sold by the weapon shops at towns, traveling hunters and the Adventurer’s Guild.

The shops will be expensive at first, but they will give you better prices as you gain more reputation at a town. Also keep an eye on events and crisis at towns for they will offer you many opportunities.

Need more details? Scroll down or click on the menu.


Combat is turn-based and grid-based like traditional roguelikes. Combat in Terra Randoma is very fluid, you don’t have to stop for anything unless you want to. Switching between melee and ranged weapons is instantaneous.

There is an action bar at the bottom of the screen where you can put your talent stones, like heavy strike or whirlwind attack.

During combat, you need to pay attention to your stamina level. Weapons and equipment have weight, and heavier load will mean more stamina consumption.

Be prepared for combat at a variety of procedurally generated dungeons as well as battlefields at plains, forests, mountains, seas and even towns.


Enemies in Terra Randoma are highly intelligent. They can “smell” you and follow you. They can make use of the terrain and hide behind objects, as much as you can. If they get severely injured, they may panic and run (but they may as well decide to come back later on). Some enemies on the other hand are fearless – for example: golems do not panic because they don’t have a brain; Minotaur does not panic because he is too brave.

Enemies do not only give you physical damage, they may also slow, confuse, stun, poison, disease or petrify you. They can give you fire or frost damage too. Some have regeneration ability. They come in different species and vary endlessly from each other thanks to the enemy modifier system with prefixes and suffixes. There is 10% chance the enemy will spawn with a modifier like “Wealthy”, “Elite”, “Vampiric”, etc.

Enemy factions include rat-kin (rats, bats, rat-men), bandits, wild creatures (snakes, spiders, hyenas, centipedes, giant bees, boars, mushroom-men), undead (skeletons, ghosts), slimes, golems, minotaurs and gorgons. More factions are added as game development continues.

Attributes & Skills

Your character in Terra Randoma has three attributes: Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence. There are fifteen skills categorized with respect to these attributes. At the beginning of the game, you choose between 6 backgrounds and 12 star signs.

There is no class restriction so you have complete freedom to choose how to customize your character. You will gain 1 attribute and 1 skill point each time you level up and you are free to distribute them the way you see fit. You can also buy skill points from the adventurer’s guild. With every 5 points in a certain skill, you gain some perks. You can hover over each skill for more details.

Health, Stamina and Hunger bars are at the left bottom of your screen at all times. You can see all your stats in your character sheet in one screen.


There is a turn-based speed system in Terra Randoma. Some enemies are fast, moving two tiles per turn and some are slow, moving one tile per two turns. But that is not the end of story. Your character has varied levels of speed too, depending on your character build, load you carry and equipment you wear.

Let’s say your base speed is %100. This means you have one action per turn, which you use to move or attack. If your speed is %200, you have two actions per turn. The higher your speed, the more frequently you will get a free action. So if it is %150, then you will have a free action after your second turn. If it is %110, then you get a free action every ten turns and so on.

Talent Stones

Your character can acquire Talent Stones to perform some special moves during combat. Each character starts with two talent stones at the beginning of the game, varying with respect to your choice of background. Otherwise, talent stones can only be bought from the adventurer’s guild.

To use a talent stone, you equip it on the action bar. Once you activate it, there is a cool down period. Using a talent stone consumes a certain amount of stamina so you need to be strategic about when to use it. Some talent stones can be combined, so if you use Fire Blade, then Whirlwind Attack, you will set all adjacent enemies on fire.

Weapons and Armor

There is an item generator in Terra Randoma using prefixes and suffixes that can produce hundreds of thousands of different weapons and equipment.

The weapons and armor can be made of different materials from wood to aquatril (an ore uniquely found in Terra Randoma), from linen to all kinds of leather. The weight of the equipment depends on what material it is made of. Material also affects damage of a weapon or defence of an armor.

The prefixes include descriptions like “reliable”, “unforgiving”, “ruthless”, “blazing” and “enigmatic”. They give bonuses to all sorts of stats including critical hit, attack, defense and health.

The suffixes include descriptions like “of the vicious viper”, “of the smiling phantom”, and “of the chilling touch”. They inflict enemies status effects like poison, fear, fire and ice.

Inventory Management

When you open your backpack, you can see not only your backpack and your weapons & equipment, but also your character’s statistics. So you know exactly what happens when you wear or take off an equipment. It takes only seconds to optimize, tidy up and get going.

What you carry in the backpack is not limited to weapons and armor. You will have your fair share of old school inventory management between consumables like potions and food, valuable daily items, gems, different materials that enemies drop, and books with randomly generated names.

The system is weight-based. How much your character can carry depends on Strength Attribute and in particular, Athletics Skill. Weight of each item is easily seen when you hover on the item and by looking at the bottom right corner of each item card.


There is a new map each time you start a new game in Terra Randoma, but it is always an island or archipelago. There are 5 towns, an Adventurer’s Guild, an Alchemist Tower and an Old Lighthouse.

There is a tavern in each town where you can eat food and rest, while also meet NPCs willing to give you a quest. There is also a Lord assigning you special quests if you have enough reputation points.

The starting map randomly ranks the towns as rich, medium, poor and very poor. The rich settlements have the biggest market, so there is more variety and quantity of everything you can buy: food, potions, equipment and armor.

Your actions effect the prosperity level of cities. They grow as you trade with them and accomplish missions given by their citizens and lords. By doing good, you earn reputation.

There are also events and crisis that happen at or to the towns, like a Good Harvest where food is abundant and cheaper, or Famine, where you can find no food sold at the market. There is a key on the left side of the Map screen where you can see definition of all events and crisis.


You can zoom in and drag the procedurally generated overworld map. There are indicators on the map showing prosperity level of each town, your reputation level in each of them, as well as events and crisis. There is a map key on the left explaining what each icon means.

Travelling & Incidents

Traveling in Terra Randoma is fun! There is a chance of encounter with every step you take, like the hex-crawling games of the 80s (except there are squares not hexagons). If you want to travel rather safely, you can. The danger level of each tile is shown with exclamation marks at the top of the screen.

There are four types of tiles on the overworld: plain tiles, forest tiles, mountain tiles and water tiles. The plain and water tiles are less dangerous than forest tiles, which are less dangerous than mountain tiles. There is also a day and night cycle. It is safer at day time than at night. So if you want trouble, you go to the mountain tiles at night and see hell lose upon you. If you want a peaceful journey back home, however, then you’d be wise to travel at day time through the plain tiles.

The chances of a friendly encounter, for example, with a traveling merchant, or discovery of a hidden treasure, are slim on more dangerous tiles. Likewise, the chances of a hostile encounter, like a bandit ambush or beast attack, are slim on safer tiles. Negative encounters can be dealt not only with battle but through some skill checks.

Camping, Hunting, Foraging

When you are on the overworld, you can camp on any tile, except water tiles. At the top of the screen, you can see the danger level of each tile shown with exclamation marks. So when you click that “Camp” button, you see a percentage showing you the chances of enemies launching an attack while you sleep.

But camping isn’t all about resting. You may simply camp for the purpose of finding food. Food is not cheap, nor very abundant in the dungeons. Each step on the over-world plain tiles takes 1 hour (and twice as much on the forest and mountain tiles), so hunger will be an issue when planning your route. You also need to pay attention at hunger during combat because your character gets hungry faster when his stamina level falls below the half.

You can forage for food or hunt to find meat. Both options may mean that you encounter all sorts of hostile beasts in order to be able to earn your food.


There is currently two weather conditions: Sunny and Rainy. Rain slows down travel speed on the overworld, and makes recovery at camps less effective due to lack of campfire. It also reduces effectiveness of the ranged weapons and disables any fire effects your weapons or talent stones have.

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