Human: Fall Flat – Lunar Lobby Achievements Guide

A guide on how to obtain all the new achievements that just dropped for Human Fall Flat along with the new Lunar Lobby!

How to Obtain Lunar Lobby Achievements


Today we are going over how to get the 4 new achievements that dropped with the Lunar Lobby, starting with Zodiac.

Wanna watch a video I made of the guide? Well here you go!


There are several zodiac heads, but when you spawn in there are 4 lying in front of you along with 5 others that are already on their pedestals.

Hare and Dragon

After taking care of the first 4 that were laying on the ground you can go through the gate on the right side of the stairwell surrounding the pedestals. Keep going till you eventually come across a lake of water in a snowy area and inside the lake will be the Hare.

Now start heading back to the pedestals, but take a quick stop at the roller coaster on your left where you will also find the Dragon.


The Ox head is through the gate on the left side of the stairwell surrounding the pedestals. Go through the firework marketplace and at the end of it you will come across the Ox head.


The last Zodiac head is across a bridge that is behind you when you spawn. Go ahead and cross it and do some climbing to get up to the Monkey.

After climbing up the platforms you will find the Monkey head, take the para-glider and fly down to safety with it for the final head and earn the achievement!

Lucky Carp

This achievement can only be earned after completing the achievement before. It is obtained by walking up the stairs into the temple that has risen from the ground. Take the torch that is at the top of the stairs inside with you and simply light the red candles.

After lighting both red candles a garden lantern statue will spawn in the middle of the floor, press the button on it and a yellow bright sphere will spawn.

Grab the yellow sphere and leave the temple. Walk down the left staircase and go through the gate on your left. You will eventually come to this red-yellow thingy that you put the sphere into. Once done the button by the roller coaster will light up, go ahead and press it and go for a little ride to earn the achievement.

Laojun’s Furnace

This achievement can be earned without doing the first two, but I recommend just doing the ones before to make it way easier. In order to obtain this achievement you must get off the roller coaster once you reach the heavenly palace, in which case you will know if you are there because you would have the achievement Lucky Carp pop.

Walk into the palace and you will see a golden furnace on the left and some objects on a shelf on your right. Take one of each item and put them into the furnace for the achievement to pop.

Fortune Tree

Unlike the other achievements this one can be done whenever. Go back to the spawn area and go through either the left or right gate until you reach the snow area again.

Go to the tree by the lake this time and you will see that it has golden sycees. Simply pick them all off the tree and put them in the brown bin nearby and the achievement will pop.

Written by UltimoFive

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