Neon Abyss – 100% Achievements Guide

This is an achievement guide for getting all achievements in Neon Abyss.

How to Obtain All Achievements


Because of the nature of achievements in this game, I’ve decided to group up the achievements into the following categories: Casual, Bosses, Challenges, Grindy and Secret. Through this I hope to help y’all get to the section you need to be in order to unlock said achievement!

  • Casual – For any achievements that are easy to unlock.
  • Bosses – Tips for the bosses of the game.
  • Challenges – For any runs that require special methods to play.
  • Grindy – This section is for the ones that require doing something repetitively to unlock.
  • Secret – Spoiler territory. Through gameplay you should be able to unlock most of these on your own. But if you don’t mind spoilers, tread on!

Without further ado, here’s the rest of the guide.


First Blood

  • Death is another beginning.

Die in the Abyss.

Don’t Panic

  • Get killed by your own bombs.

Quite self explanatory – die by grenades. An easy way to get this is to lower your health to half a heart in a room, kill all the enemies, go against a wall and throw it.


  • Found 5 secret rooms in a row.

At the shop in the Bar, there is an area where you can unlock upgrades after beating bosses and receiving gems. Get the ones called “Hidden Room” and “Revealing Light” (bottom right). Revealing Light will reveal hidden rooms on some floors allowing you to easily get streaks. As for the run – try to unlock Lucas and use his ability as his unstable mine can reveal secret rooms. Remember secret rooms can be found in any area with multiple exits such as the starting room.

Mind Your Steps

  • Get killed by environmental damage 9 times.

This achievement can be received by dying from the following damage sources:

  • Spike-floors
  • Spike-traps
  • Swinging spike-balls
  • Laser doors

However, it cannot be received through these:

  • Violence Crystals
  • Violence Chests
  • Explosive barrels

Simply put the best way to grind for this is to go to the first level, locate one of these traps, die, and restart the level. However due to level generation this may not always be the case and you may need to go to the second level to find it. Regardless, this cheevo is one of the more easier to get and counts for the “Hi Death!” achievement later on.

Grim Squad

  • Unlock 6 characters.

This cheevo will likely take much longer than the others in the Casual section as it’s more a work-towards achievement. This one requires you to unlock all of the characters in each of the 6 sections in the shop using gems. I’d recommend working towards it as you upgrade your difficulties to 5 dots as there is currently no easier way of getting this rather than beating bosses (Also, certain bosses such as Athena award as high as 24 gems the higher in difficulty you go!).

Mom’s Love

  • Successfully hatch eggs 5 times in a row.

To get this achievement quickly you must first unlock Ming, a character who has a higher success rate to hatch eggs then other characters. Then it’s all a matter of purchasing eggs from shops, using the egg dispenser and cancelling any egg that’s empty (ESC to cancel btw).

Sad Eggs

  • Failed to hatch eggs 5 times in a row.

This one is the same method as Mom’s Love but instead of hatching every pet you must hatch every empty egg. Also, be careful as they can hatch even after beating bosses and the combat rooms – the most likely areas where you may accidentally miss a pet that hatches.

I believe I can fly

  • Jump in the air 10 times before landing.

Rng-reliant compared to the other achievements. Luckily though there are lots of items that can allow you to achieve more jumps (my personal favourite being the Lemon Candy). Additionally, be careful not to take any wings such as Pegasus Wings or Demon Wings as they will invalidate jumps.

Here’s a comprehensive list of items you can use:


First Light

  • Defeat God of Darknet.

The first manager you’ll face, as well as the all-seeing eye. Here are some tips to avoid his attacks:

  • The small eyeballs the manager in the first phase summons are destructible, but the eyeballs in the second phase are not. They also alternate between shooting a bullet at you and filling the screen with deadly lasers in both phases.
  • There is an audio cue for the second phase when the manager is about to use his attack where his wires shoot out. Most of the time though he shoots in a corner – try to fake him out!

Other than that, this manager shouldn’t be any trouble. It’s the next one that does bring some headache.

Natural Products

  • Defeat God of Machines.

The second manager, also known as a reference to that one antagonist from Space Odyssey.

Some tips for the fight:

  • For the first phase there’ll be an audio cue for when he shoots his circle of lasers. Try to time it as it starts from either right to left or left to right, and alternates. As for the code that falls from the sky – dodge and weave.
  • As for the second phase the drones attacks are randomised, but they do have small openings. Also try to keep track of when the God shoots out a ring of bullets as that’ll be your opportunity to attack as he is immune when not in that attack pattern.

Next up is electricity boy himself.


  • Defeat God of Electricity.

The third manager of the Abyss, Mysterio Zeus.

From my experience he should be much easier then the other bosses as he has less attacks and more room for error, but regardless here are some more tips:

  • Zeus alternates between either shooting a ring of three bullets or a few lightning bolts for his first phase similar to the God of Gambling – keeping your distance and avoiding stray bullets accordingly is an easy way to beat this phase.
  • The lightning strikes Zeus uses for the second phase are much more difficult to avoid as they come down the whole screen towards the middle – but the easiest way to avoid them is to hide on the corners of the screen before he does this attack. As for the second attack he uses, he’ll surround the player with 3 small bullets throughout the second phase that must be either ducked through or jumped through. You should avoid this with no problem, though.

Stay Clam

  • Defeat God of Violence.

To go to this manager, you must first acquire the Violence token in Ares’ temple. To do this you must first fill up the Violence meter which can be done by either taking damage, shooting purple crystals/doors/chests and running into them, or running into the laser door. After that is done a special location will unlock on your map – here you must sacrifice a heart slot and take an item. Once that is done there’ll be a random chance for the Ares token to spawn on a pedestal near where you spawned. Press e on it and defeat all the other levels to go to the temple. As for the boss itself, here are some tips:

  • In the first phase, Ares has two main attacks: He’ll either jump at you or throw a spear at you. The easiest way to dodge these is to use any jumping items you acquire as he cannot hit you from high up.
  • For the second phase, Ares does the same attacks but much more quicker. Also, he’ll summon a rain of bullets that can be devastating – keep your distance or hide underneath him and you should be able to dodge this one just fine.

Seek the Truth

  • Defeat God of Wisdom.

This achievement is similar to fighting the God of Violence in that you must acquire a token from a temple and finish all levels but instead of shooting purple crystals/doors/chests you must use crystals on them. Through this you can acquire wisdom and find the token on a pedestal that’ll have a random chance of spawning. Also, you can acquire wisdom through not taking damage – which can get more difficult the higher in difficulty you go. Here are the tips for fighting her:

  • In the first phase, there’ll be Pegasus wings on the ground that you can pick up. Once you’ve picked them up it’ll allow you to dodge her main attack this phase much easier: Crystals that shoot a ring of bullets out once shot.
  • As for the second phase, Athena will do the same crystal attack as well as shoot out many bullets similarly to a bullet-hell. Easiest way to dodge this is to simply look for openings and go for it. Also, she’ll shoot out lasers similarly to the God of Electricity.

And that’s it for the bosses! Onto the more difficult challenges you can do.


Piano Virtuoso

  • Complete the Piano challenge 10 times.

Only tip I’ve got here is to stay patient and limit/time how long you hold down either a or d.

Fishing Joy

  • Fished 10 times in fishing room.

Same tips as Piano Virtuoso, but with WASD involved.

Shields Up!

  • Acquire 8 shields in a single run.

Easiest way to acquire this one is to not take any damage in a run, buy any shields you get from shops or get lucky and find a shield room.

Rugged Tenacity

  • Acquire 8 heart containers in a single run.

This achievement can be rng-reliant, but once again it requires not taking any damage. Do not visit the Ares temple and instead focus on visiting Athena’s temple, not taking any damage from combat rooms as well as buying any items that increase heart containers in the shop. Then you should be able to get this one quickly.

Sovereign of Eggs

  • Get 50 eggs in a single run.

Same requirements as “Mom’s Love” but with more pets. Ming also starts with two eggs, making this achievement much easier.

Pro Gamer

  • Defeat God of Machines without getting hurt.

Follow the tips in the ‘Bosses’ section of this guide and you should be well on your way to no-hiting this boss! Main tip I’d recommend from there is to focus on his ring of bullets he fires in his second phase as that’s the most likely place you’ll get hit.

I’m Fine

  • Complete a run without acquiring any hearts.

This achievement says you cannot acquire any hearts in a run: however it does not say anything about shields! In the fourth item pack, there is an item called the Howard Reactor that replaces all hearts with shields – if you can, buy this item and then do a run where you do not acquire any hearts with this item. (Also, R-6 is a character that starts with only shields allowing you to not acquire any hearts throughout the run that you can get on the third item pack. If you do not feel like grinding for the Howard Reactor you can instead use him).

Shopping Maniac

  • Empty 4 shops in a single run.

You can do this cheevo in two ways: finding the Lottery Ticket, or starting a second save file.

Second save file method

Because the tutorial does not let you die from enemies, you can exploit this by waiting for the bosses’ attack where he shoots out worms and then squishing them. Repeating this until you get around 650+ coins will allow you to have enough money to buy out every shop in the run – but be careful once you get out of this tutorial as you will likely be at a disadvantage in terms of health (unless you backtrack and take the hearts from the start of the tutorial (rng chance)). You’ll unlock this achievement once you buy out the fifth bosses’ chamber shop. Good luck!

Action Supremacist

  • Defeat Argus without picking up any items.

The strategy:

  • Play on Easy difficulty as enemies in higher difficulties will have more health.
  • Play as Wade or Anna as they do not start with an Item unlike other characters (Personal best character pick by everybody is Wade).
  • Do not pickup any Weapons, Items or the Infinity Key (Items are blue outlines and Weapons are yellow outlines).
  • Try not to take any damage and acquire as many heart containers as possible as Level 5 deals a full heart of damage against bosses.

Other than that, it’s all a matter of dodging Argus’ attacks. Godspeed.

Safety First

  • Complete a run without getting hurt.

Similarly to Shopping Maniac, start a new save file. Because in a new save file you have yet to unlock any other manager you’ll only need to beat 5 bosses to pop this achievement. There are two ways you can do this:

Non-cheese way: Toughest way as it requires memorising all the rooms attack patterns. If you’re doing a run where you do not do the cheese way good luck! This is a good challenge and rng-reliant.

Cheese way: If you still cannot get this achievement after multiple attempts, there is a cheese way! If you get hit, hold down Alt-F4 on your keyboard as it will cause the game to close and not save. This will essentially act as a checkpoint and will count towards not getting hit but will place you at the beginning of the level you got hit on. I’d recommend against this way though as the non-cheese way is an excellent challenge.

And that’s all for the challenges! Onto the more grindy cheevos of this game.


Note before reading: Many of these you can get easily through gameplay without paying attention. The only one here I’d recommend grinding is Abyss Veteran as there’s an insanely low chance you’ll play the game 999 times. Other than that, here are the achievements!

Note: Also, this section may also just be an excuse to play memes.

Burning Ground

  • Jump 999 times.

Jump around! Jump up, jump up and get down!

Key Master

  • Opened 999 locked chests.

Keys, please.

Born Gambler

  • Played the Roulette Machine 99 times.

The first time you use the gambling machine is free, so if you do not have the money and do not wish to sacrifice the run you can simply use it once and be on your day.

Dark Trade

  • Made deals with Smirk Co. 99 times.

Rng-reliant over whether or not you’ll come across them. But once you do, hold down e on the salesmen and based off whatever he’s selling you can either get pickups or an item!

Bug Squisher

  • Stepped on worms 999 times.

If you do the method as described in Shopping Maniac, it’ll count towards this total! Other than that, you can mainly get worms after killing the silver enemies that fly – be careful not to kill any, though.

Demolition Expert

  • Found 99 secret rooms.

Same ways as described in Sherlock, but you must make sure you go inside the secret room as otherwise it will not count towards the total.

Hi Death!

  • Died in the Abyss 99 times.

Set your game to the highest difficulty, choose a character with low HP such as Zack, and go to the first room you find and let the enemies kill you. I’d recommend doing this one second to last as it resets your dots for your difficulty slider.

Abyss Veteran

  • Entered the Abyss for the 999th times.

I’d recommend unlocking this achievement last as it’s incredibly grindy. To unlock this one, you must simply press ESC and restart the game while in the Abyss. I’d recommend to put on some music for this as it’ll certainly take a long time.


To view this section, click or hover your mouse over the darkened lines to see how to earn each secret achievement!

Saturday Night Fever

  • Danced in the bar for 30 minutes.

Guess what! I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more cow bell! (Under the disco ball in the bar, click e once and your character will dance. Wait 30 minutes and the cheevo will pop.


  • Get killed by your own bomb while in the air.

Go down to half a heart and while jumping in mid-air against a wall throw a bomb. The ricochet shall kill you in the air.

The Real Game

  • Unlock Abyssal difficulty.

To unlock Abyssal difficulty, you must get all 5 dots on Hard difficulty by beating Argus, Hal, Zeus, Ares and Athena. Once this is done the difficulty will permanently unlock and you can play it!

The Ultimate Challenge

  • Defeat Athena in Abyssal Difficulty.

Same tips as in the Bosses section but the attacks are much quicker. Optimal RNG as well as no-hitting a few combat rooms is required. Best of luck!

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