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Quantum Suicide - All Endings Guide (Minimal Spoilers)

Written by SapphireSapphic   /   Feb 2, 2021    

This guide will show you how to get every ending in the game with minimal spoilers.

Guide to All Endings


Quantum Suicide has a multitude of branching paths and secret endings. In this guide, I will show you how to get every ending with minimal spoilers.

Each character has a friendship and lover ending. Which ending you get is decided purely on which timeline you are on. In order to get any of these endings, you must first enter Dai's override code. Please visit the codes section of the guide for a list of hints and codes. Listed below are all the regular friendship and normal endings.

Women's Timeline

  • Left -> Left = Befriend Shizuka
  • Left -> Right = Befriend Yoshiki
  • Center -> Left = Love Beatrix
  • Center -> Right = Love Nikolas
  • Right -> Left = Love Kimiko (Only unlocks after getting the Male route Love Kimiko ending)
  • Right -> Right = Love Katashi

Men's Timeline

  • Left -> Left = Love Shizuka
  • Left -> Right = Love Kimiko
  • Center -> Left = Befriend Beatrix
  • Center -> Right = Befriend Nikolas
  • Right -> Left = Love Yoshiki
  • Right -> Right = Love Katashi

Secret Endings

During Kimiko's route in either timeline, after inputting the override code, select "Enter Boot Preference". After entering the boot code and some more dialogue, you will be prompted to give Ai a new name. This will allow you to get two additional endings (three in the male timeline), depending on the name you give her. See the codes portion of the guide for a list of clues and codes.

Hints and Codes

Override Code

  • Hint 1: ad (Found in female Shizuka route after jumping)
  • Hint 2: astra (Found in female Katashi route after jumping)
  • Hint 3: per (Found in male Beatrix route after Jumping)
  • Hint 4: aspera (Found in male Nikolas route after Jumping)
  • Hint 5: the code is five words long (Found in male timeline, Beatrix or Nikolas route)
  • Code: through hardships to the stars

  • Boot Code: The clue to the boot code can be found by going to Melody's room on day 7, and drawing a picture of Ai.
  • Code: garden of eden

  • Love Ai: The clue to this name can be found by talking to Ai on day 10 and selecting "If you have a synthetic emotional response, can you feel love?"
  • Name: eve

  • Love Dai: The clue to this name can also be found by drawing with Melody, and appears no matter who you decide to draw a picture of.
  • Name: alice

  • Yourself: This ending is achieved by inputting an alternative Boot Code, and is available only in the male timeline. The clue can be found by showing the watch to Kimiko in chapter 2, after following the right path in the women's timeline. Select the dialogue option "I could meet a boy version of myself."
  • Code: love thyself

Filling out the Flow

  • If there are some areas you cannot fill out in your flow, here is a quick guide to get all of them.
  • In Make 10, to get both routes you must pair with Beatrix & Nikolas and Katashi & Shizuka (either timeline).
  • In order to die in chapter 1, you must talk to Ai on day 10 and select the bottom dialogue option (either timeline).
  • In Logiship, shooting ships 1, 2, 3, and 4 will get you all 4 possible outcomes (either timeline).
  • In Bidding Wars, selecting the first option three times will always put you on the left split, third option on the right, and second option will always result in the player's death (either timeline).

Written by SapphireSapphic.