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The Shore - 100% Achievements Guide

Written by SHiSH   /   Feb 2, 2021    

A guide to getting all the achievements in the game. Please read the note.

How to Obtain All Achievements


All achievements can be obtained in one playthrough. Before passing, read the guide, as there is no chapter selection in the game and you will not be able to return to the previous area. All achievements are in chronological order.


These achievements are story-driven, you won't miss them.

  • It walks!
  • Dagon
  • Fhtagn
  • It breeds by it self!
  • It he awake?

Toss a coin to your cultist

There are 7 coins in total on the lighthouse.

In the distance

This achievement can be obtained at the lighthouse. Just take the note that hangs in the picture. Screenshot to help.


After you find a chess piece, you need to put it on the board and play a game of chess. After that, you will receive the achievement. Screenshots to help.

Quite the reader

There are 8 bottles with notes in the game.


In total, there are 2 megalodon teeth in the game, which must be found. After you have found them, you need to return to the lighthouse and insert them into the jaw on the first floor. Screenshots to help.

It was just a colour

You need to find a meteorite. It is located on the first beach at the very end, which you will open with the "key". Screenshots to help.

Nowhere to run

You need to die from the monster, which is located where you need to activate 3 "prisms".

The Hidden Ritual

It is achieved by getting the fleshy disc with the eyeball on it in the lighthouse, then one of the paths from there leads to a pool of water with a half-circle of corpses. Each corpse has a bowl with with one of those discs in it except for one. Place it, then gtfo of the water because a bunch of tentacles will come out and attack you if you stay in the water.

Written by SHiSH.

Game:   The Shore