Hearts of Iron IV – Guide to Division Templates for Dummies

Some information and basic/advanced division templates for any level of player.

Division Templates Guide


These are some pretty good templates that I use every game. Almost all of them work amazingly for any situation. A few however are very situational and not used very often, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know them for that situation!

Disclaimer: These Divisions work in any version, so don’t worry about game version.

Infantry Divisions

All of these (excluding the Anti Tank Division) are your typical line infantry. They should serve you well whether it be holding your front line or seizing enemy land.

20 Width Infantry Division

A good starter division to use for lower manpower/industry. Highly recommended you upgrade this to the 40 Width.

40 Width Infantry Division

A great division to use for the rest of the game. Requires a good amount of manpower/industry to maintain infantry. Will probably be used for most of the game.

10 Width Weak Infantry Division

A division good for nations that have very low/non-existent manpower/industry. You want to get off of this template and onto the 20 width as soon as possible, but don’t go straight for it if you can’t afford it.

Anti Tank Division

A division great for keeping near locations where enemy armor is. This division will shred enemy tanks.

50 Width Chubby Infantry Division

Use this division for a country that has very high population like China or British Raj so you can focus on other production with your factories. I’d recommend throwing the Support Art or AT for that extra damage.

Tank Divisions

Light Tank Division (With SPA)

This is a light tank division that’s very quick compared to their medium cousins that can make encircling the enemy a breeze. You can use more Light Tanks if you can’t get SPA (Self Propelled Artillery) but for that extra damage I highly recommend it.

Medium Tank Division

This is the tank division I use almost always when it comes to tanks. It’s armor and ability to encircle and break/defend lines is incredible. I highly recommend using this template.

Aquatic Tank Division

This is division is the one I use the least, not because it’s bad or anything, but because it’s the biggest situational division on this list. This division is good for one thing really and that’s breaking through River lines.

Special Forces

20 Width Marine Division

A good marine division for securing enemy coasts, recommended you upgrade to the 40 width asap.

40 Width Marine Division

A great marine division for securing anything that touches the water. Recommended you only use marines to attack beaches, with a follow up of infantry or tanks to create your new line.

20 Width Mountaineer Division

Good division to fight in mountain regions, once again, recommended you upgrade to 40 width.

40 Width Mountaineer Division

Great division for pushing and defending any mountain region.

10 Width Paratrooper Division

A smaller paratrooper division useful for dropping behind enemy lines with the intent to encircle.

20 Width Paratrooper Division

A bigger paratrooper division useful for securing tiles behind enemy lines and actually being able to defend them.

Mobile Divisions

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend using motorized only divisions, although they’re very fast they’re also very costly in fuel. Mechanized only divisions would be a better fit for cooperating with Tank Divisions.

Motorized Division

Good for going brr in areas that are flat biomes. Very costly in fuel.

Mechanized Division

Mechanized is good for later gameplay. They have great defense and can be super useful for containing infantry in encirclement pockets.

Garrison Divisions

The only Garrison units that I use are the Military Police. They’ll make sure those pesky rebels and traitors sit tf down and stop messing with your occupation.

Military Police

Military Police give a percentage bonus to suppressing rebellions. It’s popular to either shove a lot of Cavalry or use only three in a template, I myself recommend using 5 because it’s too expensive to put a lot of Cavalry in one division and it’s better to train less divisions that’re more effective.

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  1. I’d strongly recommend field hospitals for line infantry, they’re just incredibly useful. I like armored cars for garrisons

  2. Armored cars (if you have that DLC and have the production to make them) are great for garrisons or adding armor (and much later AT piercing) to motor cavalry. Even the 1940 armored car can keep pace with motor infantry.

    I’d also suggest considering rocket trucks for countries that are planning to go way in on motor cav, since they can be utterly devastating, but rockets do require fairly significant tech investment to really reach their pinnacle.

  3. A few suggestions:
    For 10 width division, just forget support battalions. You can almost convert it to a 7-2 with all those extra production costs!
    50 width should not be recommended, I’m not sure about India, but you can use 7-2s even if you are playing China, and it’s much more efficient in terms of production and army xp
    7-2 division is well and fine, but 4 support battalions may be too much, at least for some countries. They raised the cost by almost 50% compared to no support battalion and will decrease organisation from 60 to 45, and for your average frontline infantry, you would like to have high org and low cost. Adding support battalions will also cost a lot of army xp and is a luxury to many in the early game, so a 7-2 division with only 1 or 2 support battalion(like engineer) is a better generic template.

  4. You should replace the 7-2 with only 10 infantry. You mainly want your infantry only for defending with your tanks making pushes. Also the cost of a 7-2 isn’t worth it.

  5. I find pure medium/motorized to be underwhelming so I usually throw in 4 motorized artillery for that extra soft attack. I do usually play SP, but that’s just my two cents

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