Little Nightmares 2 – Useful Tips

Some tips that may help you with little nightmares.

Small Tips for Players

  • You can hold your run button while crouching to sneak faster.
  • Some monsters can’t hear your walking.
  • Slight spoiler for a monster: The Hunter can only see you if you are in his light, and his hearing is not great.
  • From what I’ve seen, holding hands doesn’t make you go any faster, but probably helps Six keep up with you.
  • Not a tip, but some hats change what you sound like when you call.
  • Most monsters can’t see you if you are in the dark, such as shadows.
  • Look carefully around, glitching remains and hats are very sneaky.
  • Some hats are in obvious locations, but either hard to reach or hard to notice, there are plenty of things to get distracted on around hats.
  • If you see potential hiding spots, like pointless rooms or empty boxes, prepare for an encounter
  • Minor spoiler for an in-game mechanic: While you have your hand on a TV that is active, you have to straighten out the hallway in the TV using your movement keys, some people at first were confused, including myself.
  • While fighting, timing is crucial. Make sure you swing at attackers at just the right moment, otherwise you’ll miss and you will die. Don’t rush combat.
  • Common sense for solving puzzles, there are many things that kinda make sense in little nightmares 2, so don’t think of super nonsensical solutions.

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