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Beat Saber - Beginners Guide

Written by syrus   /   Mar 4, 2021    

A guide for Beginner to Experienced players. Simple tips to keep in mind while playing.

General Tips

A key thing in playing Beat Saber at high levels is to keep your tracking at maximum performance. If you have poor tracking it won't make anything better. Try wiping base stations with a microfiber cloth before playing. If you notice that there are tracking issues while playing try resetting your playspace.

If you plan on getting competitive with the game consider downloading custom songs and modassistant for ranked play.

They aren't physical notes. So you don't need to put all your energy into swinging to get higher score. So as long as you can swing without losing much energy you will be more persistent and won't tire as much. Play a lot, if you have a hard time with accuracy and want to get better. Consider sticking to one song and playing it over, then going on speed mode or use the practice mode to slowly increase the speed. Your accuracy will automatically increase the more you play, the faster maps you play the better your accuracy will be when playing slower songs.

If you are just starting out and just want some general tips because you feel like you aren't playing right, use the difficulty you feel most comfortable with. If you can't do expert songs but you can do hard songs, try using the speed modifier to increase the difficulty by a hair. If that is easy but you still can't do the next difficulty, consider putting the song on slow mode so you can remember patterns and/or the speed of the song. The second thing about starting out is just playing, the longer you play the better you'll get within time.

Accuracy Tips

If you are looking for higher scores and to even SS a song you'll need to improve accuracy. Something that is really important is your grip. The way you hold your controller. I use X Grip for HTC Vive controller and it provides me with a lot of free wrist movement. Using your wrist is a lot better than your arms because you'll be able to not only last longer without failing but be faster in switching from note to note. Try to swing adjacent to the note as possible, as straight as you can. The faster/straighter you can swing into a block the more score you'll get (115 Is the current highest you can get on a single note wIthout a modifier). The less you miss the way more score you will get, if you miss it takes 8 notes to get back up to the 8x score multiplier and one miss will make your score go down substantially. If you are prone to missing, try limiting it to the end of the song where the score multiplier doesnt matter as much. If you have 2 notes left and you miss one you aren't gonna miss many points, but if you miss in the middle of a song you have a potential 920 points lost.

Speed Tips

Reaction time is key, the lower your reaction time the faster the song you can play. If you don't worry about accuracy as much and want to work on speed. Then just play a lot of fast songs on no fail and try hitting the notes. If you think you got it try playing them normally, if you still can't do it utilize the practice mode. Usually if I can't hit a particular part in a song I would play it at 90-70 % speed, once I feel like I can do it I would try it a couple times at 105% speed and if I nailed it then I would play the song. If you know a songs pattern very well consider playing it on something like 120% speed on practice. Very helpful.

Missing a Lot of Notes at Once

One of my issues that I had the most is when I would miss one and then completely mess up my focus and just lose control. I call it going blind, because when I used to miss one I would just tense up and not feel in control and tend to fall out of rythm super fast. If you have this issue just try relaxing and going on practice mode for a bit.

Most Important Thing

Just have fun, having fun means differently for everyone so if you can't see yourself having fun at anytime during this game then there's nothing holding you back from hopping onto another game. If you are having fun sometimes and not others, take a break. Sometimes it's better to take a week off before playing again, I sometimes take month long breaks and see actual improvement after taking that long break, I don't know exactly why this happens but every time I do come back from a long break like that it's just instant improvement. Probably not the same for others but it works for me lol.

Benefits of Playing Beat Saber

Beat Saber does really work for working out, gaming is pretty much all I do on my spare time and I have seen a lot of gain from playing games like beat saber. I have lost quite a bit of weight and gained a surprising amount of muscle from this game. Especially in the arms and wrists.

Written by syrus.

Game:   Beat Saber