A Wholesome Game About Farming – Complete Achievement Guide (with Quests and Tips)

Please note: All credit goes to Niko!

This guide entails how to get all achievements. It’s not a full walkthrough, but does explain the important story beats/quests with some tips.

How to Obtain All Achievements

General Tips

Early Farming

Get as much Cabbage as possible until you unlock Pumpkins. Then have about as many Pumpkins as possible while still getting twice the amount of Cabbages for Cabbage Pumpkin Soup for about a day or two until you have a decent amount of money to buy Beer.

Later Farming

Once you can buy Beer decently while still getting seeds focus on Pumpkin Bread and, once you get Mushrooms, Rising Star Soup as much as possible. Cabbage Pumpkin Soup being second since Garlic is somewhat of a rare ingredient.

Placement of bodies

Do try to fill out the field row by row starting at the bottom for easier navigation and placement of crops. Don’t worry about where you bury hunters, they only grow garlic the day after burying them so they don’t bother you at night.

Placement of crops

Put pumpkins at the bottom and cabbage above for catching victims. Lining the field in rows is most effective. Make sure to have a decent amount of empty spaces for Rye, so hunters don’t become too much of a problem.

Hunting-Related Achievements


  • Go one round without escapees.

Self-explanatory, you should be able to do this quite easily once you get the hang of things and a bit lucky with RNG. I suggest doing this before hunters show up.


  • Reach Level 3.

You’ll achieve this automatically.

Rush Rounds


  • Help feed the hungry.

Spend 300p at the Church to give to the poor. This triggers one round to be a Rush Round each.


  • Go one rush round without escapees.

You need some luck and it’ll likely take a few tries to get this. If you miss one person, have a hunter catch you and restart the round. Do this once you reached level two. When you plant the pumpkins around the field, you can lure the first hunter to the bottom of the field to lock him out temporarily.

This is a good layout, especially for Rush Rounds:

Story-Related Achievements

You have three options for a cat sitter.


  • Choose experience.

Pay 1000p to Kesik, the guy in the bar to be your cat sitter.


  • Choose adoration.

Take Nickles the cat to meet Pirouette the pig-tailed lady for three days.


  • Discover a favorite.

Part of the quest for getting Milia, the shorthaired blonde girl to be your cat sitter. After starting the questline go to the tavern and ask Kesik for cat advice. The favourite is Rye. Talk to Kesik again and input Jump Spin Spin Jump Spin Meow to get the answer.


  • Choose dedication.

Once you know Nickles favourite talk to Milia again. When she runs away talk to Kesik and choose to go after her.


  • Complete the game.

Self-explanatory. You need 115 victims to complete the nighttime story on the farm. For the daytime story you need the Rising Star Soup Recipe, a cat sitter and your horse, which is purchasable after finishing the nighttime story.


The order in which you select the ingredients matters. There are plenty of hints in the game for this, namely in the Church durring the day and at night by looking into the houses through the lit windows. Note that more hints appear each day.

The only story-related recipe you need to discover is Rising Star Soup.

  • Cabbage Soup (45): Cabbage, Cabbage, Cabbage
  • Pumpkin Cabbage Soup (55p): Cabbage, Pumpkin, Cabbage
  • Rising Star Soup (200p): Beer, Cabbage, Pumpkin, Mushroom, Garlic
  • Bread (45p): Beer, Rye, Rye, Rye
  • Pumpkin Bread (65p): Beer Rye, Pumkpin, Rye, Rye
  • Garlic Bread (120p): Beer Rye, Rye, Rye, Garlic


  • Discover all recipes.


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