Aces and Adventures – 100% Achievement Guide

I will tackle the most efficient way to get all the achievements.


I am a hundred percent’ er. For the last three weeks I have been tinkering with this game, and as I was nearing the last corner of the marathon, only hours left till I get the 100%: for the lack of better knowledge in the forums, I decided to put work on this guide, while I don’t even apply for jobs.


Everyone has differing expectations from games, and different techniques of gameplays. I personally like the part where I explore all the things myself at first-hand, and when I feel like there is inevitable repetition in the gameplay to get 100% then I seek counsel with guides.

So I kind of wrote this guide for the guys like me, so you will probably want to go back now & revisit this later, if you haven’t reached a certain milestone. I would advise anyone to prioritize getting the %100, after completing all the spring adventures at least. But around that time, it is when the most sweet part of this game opens up for you, all the possibilities, all the unlocks… So not after finishing the spring adventures, actually after levelling up couple of characters to “rebirth1 30”, and at least levelling up your favourite guy to go, to maximum “rebirth2 30”, I actually advise you to prioritize the %100 aspect of this game.

By that time you will get more comprehension about the game, heck, maybe even created some better deck than me, so instead of me explaining all the basics boringly (which the base of game already does) we will have the chance to have a real intellectual conversation about the mechanics of the game, and that is the fun part!

The Achievements Themselves

I am not going to count the achievements, for there is no need.

Simply it boils down to this: How quick your gameplay is.

There are some niche achievements that has no relation to speed, but I guarantee you they will be done in the natural course of your gameplay. (If you come here, after all the speed achievements done, but still have not gotten the niche achievements I will lend you a hand personally.)

Now there are two factors for why the speed is important.

  1. All the sections of adventures you play, get ranked through C to S+, and this ranking is mostly based on how fast your were. (only counting the in-fight time, not counting any narrative. Towards the end-game, that is actually very nice and refreshing to slow down and listen to the narrator in between the fights, fights which may get a little bit frantic sometimes.)
  2. The Mana. The mana is the experience point you use to level up, and by the time you get %100 all the characters will have to be maxed up. So you will require tons of mana. And to get them most efficiently, you will need some speed, thankfully my guide and the most optimized deck I had put together, will help you with that.

Now Let Me Share The Fruits of My Labour: I Hope This Counts as Penance

We will get in our hands a Ravenmyre (Hunter) Deck. Of the “Attack Damage” kind, contrary to the most talked “Summoner” variety, our deck will not have any summons. And there is a reason for that.

Here is the deck (even before starting to write, I can guess this will be the most time exacting part of the guide for me, just to write all the cards…):

  • Ace Shot * 7 (all varieties)
  • Blood Mist Rush +2
  • Blunderbuss * 7 (all varieties)
  • Reload * 7 (all varieties)
  • Split Shot +2
  • Wild Bolts * 7 (all varieties)

And to refresh the memory:

  • Ace Shot: at the cost of an Ace

“Deal 4 attack dmg to an enemy”.

  • Blood Mist Rush: at the cost of a red card, hp & attack token

“Deal 1 attack dmg to all enemies and move to the end of the turn order”

  • Blunderbuss: at the cost of a black card

“Deal 1 attack dmg to an enemy, the target moves to the end of the turn order”

  • Reload: at no cost

“Gain an additional attack and recharge Raven’s Flight”

  • Split Shot: at the cost of a triple (three of a kind)

“Your attacks also deal damage to enemies adjacent to the primary target”

  • Wild Bolts: at the cost of any three cards

“Deal 1 attack damage 3 times at random to enemies”

(Huh, actually took no time at all why do I always tend to expect the worst? Something more to think for me!)

Key to Being a Good Hunter Boy, Traits!: Never too Old to Learn!

As you can guess we will utilize the traits.

  • Quick Draw: Draw an ability when you deal attack damage. Draw a card when you use an ability. Passive Abilities do not trigger.
  • Raven Wing Clips: When you deal attack damage, gain +1 offense and +1 attack damage until end of the turn.

Now for the third trait: To be even faster at mercifully beating things up, I double on Raven Wing Clips.

About which trait I choose first, comparing to other variants, for this variant as a plus side you can start with either of the traits, but even if you start with RWC You will definitely want to pick up QD right after the first fight to not get emptied out so quick.

I mean, here is the mental process:

Starting with “Quick Draw” is the safest option to begin with, because all the cards in your deck are related to “attack damage” this basically guarantees your hand never gets empty, and with that you can easily wear down anything with “blunderbuss” and “reload”, and then finish off with your Hero Ability “Raven’s Flight” you can even use your “RF” multiple times as finishing blow if there are multiple enemies, to ease the burden on your ability cards.

But sometimes you get lucky, and start with “Wild Bolts” now, that basically guarantees a 2 step victory if you have started with “RWC” it will deal 1+2+3 in total 6 dmg across the board, and your “RF” is now at 4 attack dmg, so you can basically peacefully calm down any starting enemy with this combo, nothing escapes

Why It Works: Invernus Must Pay for His Gifts!

By explaining the mental process behind choosing the starting trait, I kind of revealed the whole deal of the deck. As all the cards are “attack dmg” cards, every ability card used guarantees a draw combined with “Quick Draw” on its own. That is why there is no draw abilities in the deck, because there is no need, even in the worst case scenario when your hand gets empty by sap or maybe for the merchant, “Wild Bolts” act as “draw 3 abilities” at the cost of 2 cards (because you redraw one from the Quickdraw). “Blood Mist Rush” also does the same if there are multiple enemies on board. Compare this with Nazim’s (mage) “Flash of Insight” at the cost of one club, “Draw three abilities” this easily showcases why wild bolts might be most valuable card in your deck: not only it draws three cards for only one more card compared to “FoI” (there is even no restriction for the suit), but also it sets up your endless gentle compassion engine, not only your Raven’s Flight is at 4 attack dmg now, (5 with a 10 or higher) and also your blunderbuss is at 4 too, your ace shots are at 7 or even more, and most probably your ability hand is full now, so that means this will only go up!

And the craziest part is not even that, the craziest part comes later after you level up a third time: because we don’t use summons, we don’t pick up the trait “Opportunity”, no, we pick up a second “Raven Wing’s Clips” that makes “wild bolts” deal: 1+3+5= 9 dmg, now your Raven’s Flight is at 7! dmg, use just two more abilities and it will be at 11! That just can win over the hearts of anything.

In-Depth Look at Cards: We Must Earn The Dawn…

Now there are some niche cards in the deck that I didn’t mention so much till now that I’d like to focus on:

Split Bolt: Your every ability, (including RF) now became a Nazim’s 3 heart cost “deal 5 dmg to all enemies Fireball” at the cost of single card: congratz! And for Nazim to pull that it requires him to have 2 traits of Shamal (Reduce the cost of your abilities by one card) and for him there is no ever increasing dmg even! (by the way, I compare Ravenmyre to Nazim all the time, not because I hate Nazim, actually the opposite, as a character design Nazim is my favourite, that is why I set him as a standard, because I value him the most ^^)

Reload: You can treat this as a safer, free blunderbuss. There are tons of enemies with “Resist” trait, which prevents any ability aimed at them from working, but Hero Ability is exempt from that, and that is my friends why Hunter’s gameplay is the quickest of the all other characters, because that boss of a Raven’s Flight is like the single ability in the whole game, without any countering from any enemies! And it takes no time to use it! “Resist” trait on the enemies, counters Nazim and Leilah, and for the Shae Linn and Magnor there are enemies with huge defense stat, “pairiliusion”, and the worst “evasion” and many more little things that add up. I won’t even touch on the fact that it takes incredible amount of more time to set up your hand if you are a combat focused character, compared to ability focused like Nazim or Ravenmyre.

Now, “Reload +1” and “+2” has a little bit of a different job. They draw cards and give attack token, now think, when Ravenmyre requires the most attack tokens and starved of attack cards in his hand?

Yes, when he uses his “trump card ability” the “Raven Quiver”. I will talk about that instance in the following chapter.

Wild Bolts +1: Okay, these cards might be the most problematic cards in the deck, which require other cards to work, and to name it, they require “reload”. In my experience, there is nothing more abundant than “reload” in my hand, so it is very easy to just get it work, but in some instances I can see this ability ending up as dead card in your hand. But in the other hand, it is very quick to use, right? Just reload and… Now you have dealt: 3+5=8 dmg. And your RF is at: 5 dmg.

To be honest, the only redeeming aspect of this card, is that: along with the RF this is the only other reliable way to deal attack damage against enemies with “nullify”. Because simply, this card only uses up attack tokens and not any cards, so that always ends up saving me when I feel stuck against those enemies.

And at last, coming to, Ace Shot: Now, this card is the latest addition to the deck. I really looked hard for a fast reliable way to deal attack damage, previously I tried “Night Piercer”: at a club cost “After you successfully attack, deal equal attack dmg to other enemies” it was basically split bolt but way worse, because there are so many enemies just hanging out alone, so it’s basic variant becomes so quickly useless, and then spade + club cost for its +1 and +2 variants, let me say, most of the time it was even more expensive than the price of extra attack tokens for “wild bolts +1”

Even before that, I tried “Called Shot”: at a cost of attack token, “deal attack damage equal to your offense to an enemy” and that was just absurd, there was not enough reloads around to work it out, I mean I was also using some “Rapid Shots” that was giving some additional attacks, but for the same reasons why I don’t use summons, I was not getting the combination, they were mostly getting stuck in my hand alone.

Then there is also another option: “Night Market Bolt” at a black card cost “Discard an ability deal 3 attack dmg to an enemy.” Now why I don’t make this work is more of a personal issue, I find that to decide which cards to discard consumes so much time for me. I mean there is nearly infinite draw potential, I could just pick random, say whatever, but… I just can’t. Every single time I feel a a compulsion to think this through whether which card would be less useful, and those decision times add up.

So in the end I got stuck with “Ace Shot”, I mean at the cost of an “ACE!!” it sounds very expensive, but turns out, at least in my experience it was not that difficult to manage, very thanks to “Quick Draw”. This trait, not only draws you an ability with attack dmg, it also draws you a card with every used ability (including RF) so naturally you get to cycle through your 52 card deck so quickly, finding the aces and using them proves no difficulty.

To Extract The Most Mana: Never Send a Man to Do a Monster’s Job…

Now, with this deck at your disposal, getting an S+ should be child’s play, but that was only the first factor about speed to keep in mind.

For the other factor, which is collecting mana, being fast would of course prove useful, like you could finish two adventures in the same time window as you would one. But to be smart about it, you would take notice of the bonus mana awarded at the end of the adventure, for some certain feats:


  • Regal: Used a Royal Flush in combat. (5 sequential cards of same suit ending with an ace)
  • +100 mana
  • Confluence: Used a Straight Flush in combat. (5 sequential cards of the same suit)
  • +90 mana
  • Quintessence: Used a Five of a kind in combat. (5 cards of the same value)
  • +75 mana
  • Mythical: Never lost a combat hand.
  • +75 mana

Now these feats also exist as achievements, these are the most noteworthy niche achievements not related to speed which I mentioned before. To collect the most mana, it is very straightforward to aim for these feats in every adventure you play. I mean, there is no other way to get extra mana other than this, (aside from the standard finishing award) so this is kind of the only way.

And I tried every character with every variant of their decks, and to my delight, it turns out the fastest deck out there to get S+ most consistently, also is the best at getting these feats! Can you believe that dear viewers?

To get the “Mythical” aside: Ravenmyre is easily able to finish every encounter without giving any chance for the other side to attack, that is the key to get this feat, there is no other way about it. If you allow even for a single time for enemies to attack, you would not die, but almost certainly you would lose this feat, that being said, there are enemies with the trait “first attack” which they start the encounter with them attacking, well, for those instances you have to get extremely lucky to defend properly. At least this one is only the fourth most valuable feat in terms of mana, so if you lose it, no big deal.

Now coming to regal! Oh man. it is like “Raven Quiver” Ravenmyre’s trump card ability is perfectly desired & tailored for this feat. The ability reads as: “Overdraw cards equal to your max hand size, Your black cards are wild cards!! until the end of the turn. Gain an additional attack.”

So basically it is dreams come true, you easily end up with 5 black cards in your hand, and all of them being wilds, you just arrange them to be Royal Flush, attack, and voila now you have +100 mana in your hands.

Now the clever part comes: why stop there? Even though you used up all your cards, if there was any way to draw more cards… Wait there is! Reload +2 does exactly that! You draw 5 cards, and gain additional attack on top, and wait, aww you have 2 red cards in your hand, if there was any way to get at least one more black card, so you could build “Confluence” around that one red card. Wait there is! Meet Reload +1, it overdraws you 3 cards, so it is basically guarantees you to get the confluence too at the least, voila now you have +90 mana too!

But why stop there!! You could still have another Reload +1 in your hand, and coupled with only one other basic reload, which being a free ability, draws you cards because of your “Quick Draw” trait, now you get 5 cards, but oh, 2 red cards again?! Don’t you worry! That is why from the merchant we bought the item that overdraws us 3 cards! With that in the bag as well, you arrange your 4 black cards around the red card to build your Quintessence, and voila 75 more mana too!!

If you were lucky and not jumped up by some ruffians, you can put the mythical on top +75,

And there are these three fellas:

  • Reaping: Minor: “Dealt 20+ damage in one hand of combat.”
  • +25 mana,
  • Ram’s Horns: Dealt 15+ damage in one hand of combat.
  • +25 mana,
  • Owl’s Peck: Dealt 10+ damage in one hand of combat.
  • +25 mana,

And believe me in another fight before or after Raven Quiver, with two wild bolts at the same turn, you are already at +1+3+5+7+9+11, you deal damage one more time and finish it off with your RF you are at +15 dmg, so from here +50 mana, if lucky +75,

now add them all up in a standard run, let’s say you also missed quintessence: +100+90+75+50= 315 mana, and around 100 is given from the adventure itself, it roughly gets you 450 mana, per adventure with this gameplay. Now if you were in the procedural: it gets to around 750 in around 10 minutes. This is the fastest way to grind the last seconds of the game as far as I have found.

Nazim with his very potent “draw cards from top of your discard pile” abilities combined with “cyclone”, and “Ancient Accord” is also very capable of pulling off these feats, but first you have to get lucky with your draws, and get your wild cards with very close proximity to your face cards, to pull them off consistently, and on top of that, to set up this mechanisms, you have to work your brain out with “which cards could be best matched with which cards, and of which suit, and of which numbers” and before you know it, you spent half an hour just to work this out. So in both categories, in consistency and in speed, Ravenmyre’s capabilities come on top.

Leilah also looks very promising with her own trump card ability: “all of your cards gain +1 wild range until end of the turn” but remember, for “Regal” and “Confluence”, not only numbers, but the suits matter too, unfortunately in her arsenal she doesn’t have any ways to change suit of her cards, one of her traits makes diamonds wild, but that’s not even near enough to pull a regal consistently.

Closing Remarks: I Have Overcome The Night!

After dropping out two years ago, at the last semester from my English Language and Literature department within the second best college in my country: To write this guide felt refreshing, like I was writing some homework or answering some test question on a novel. I always felt I was good at them, so what do you think, did you like it. If it was not obvious, this is my first guide ever, so I didn’t even bother with proper images to make it more fun like I would do on a slideshow about the themes of a play. Never mind. Take care, goodbye.

Oh, and developers! If you liked the content, maybe I could create more within your wishes and boundaries and commands? Look at that, I also applied to a job! in a very haphazard way too! Good going me.

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