Drain Mansion – 100% Full Achievement Guide

This guide will tell you how to obtain all the achievements in the game. Including hidden achievements.

How to Obtain All Achievements



  • Get used to it

Die to a monster girl


  • Surrender yourself to an enemy you escaped from.

After escaping the first succubus at the start of the game. Go back to her room and die to her.

To the dungeons…

  • Set foot in the dungeons.

Enter the dungeon area of the game

Double jump

  • Find the double jump shoes.

Find and equip the double jump shoes. They are located in the dungeon.

What’s this one do?

  • You don’t have to press all of them…

Press the switch in the first save room of the dungeon, and die to the caged succubus at the far left of the room.

Sweet lies

  • Released a caged succubus… What did you expect?

Release the succubus who promises a reward for doing so. She is located in the dungeon, at the far left on the second floor of a room. This is the room with ropes and the yellow haired succubus.


  • Get through the catgirl.

Beat the catgirl boss

Main area

  • Reached the main area of the mansion.

Arrive at the main floor of the mansion

Now she is really angry

  • Escape the silver haired succubus a second time.

Escape from Emi a second time

Impish trials

  • Survive all of the Imp’s trials.

Pass all the Imp girl’s trials


  • Meet up with whom you were searching for.

Encounter your sister in the manor

Lord of the Mansion

  • Run away from the Succubus lord.

Escape from the final boss of the game


  • Unlocked every entry in the gallery.

At the main menu of the game, go to the gallery section and press the switch on the left to gain access to all the scenes in the game.

Hidden Achievements

Almost got away…

  • See the normal ending.

Simply escape the mansion during the final boss fight


  • Remain pure until the very end.

Escape the mansion while remaining a virgin


  • Witness a calm doggo.

Enter the beast girl’s room as a virgin. Her room is in the second room to the right side of the main floor.


  • Scare away the shy Dragon Girl.

The dragon girl’s room is located above the hallway that leads to the dungeon entrance. You need double jump to access the door in the roof.

Kunoichi trial

  • You survived the attacks of the Kunoichi.

Survive the Ninja girl encounter. Her room is located in the elevator room that leads up to the area where you enter the cat-girl boss room. Drop into the pit on the right side and move to the right.


  • Found the Gardens area.

Enter the gardens using the garden key. This key is obtained by entering the secret room in the moss dungeons. The door to the garden is the first room to the right side of the main floor.

Secret Switches

  • Found all the secret switches.
  1. Switch one is in the dragon girl’s secret room
  2. Switch two is in the ninja girl’s secret room
  3. Switch three is in the garden shed which is inside the garden

Her name is Emi

  • Read Emi’s secret diary

After activating all three switches, enter the beast girl’s room and enter the door on the far right of the room, progress till you reach Emi’s room and read the book in the shelf.


  • See the true ending.

Attempting to enter the door on the far right of Emi’s room will cause a chase scene to take place. Activate the switch on the wall when running through the hallway, and then pull Emi back up. Proceed to escape the mansion after doing this to achieve the true ending.


  • Finish the game in hard mode.

Escape the mansion on hardcore mode. The room to activate hardcore mode can be found on the left of the tutorial room.

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