Aeterna Noctis – Simulation Platinum Medal Tips

Tips to Get Platinum Medal

  • Chain your dashes as much as you can, and with the fastest rhythm.
  • Minimize time spent on (or sliding down) walls.
  • Touch ground as quickly as you can after firing arrows, to get them to recharge quicker.
  • If you ever have to stop/pause/go slower, you might be missing something.
  • Any time there is a split in the track, explore both routes on different attempts before deciding which one is fastest. Revisit this if you get stuck.
  • Any time there’s a section with downward platforming, look for opportunities to minimize your time on ground/walls, by falling and using well-timed dashes/arrows/etc.
  • None of the above matter if your route is inefficient, so keep your eyes peeled for potential route optimizations, especially if you feel like you executed perfectly but you’re still a few seconds off.

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